Anthology Recordings

Looking for something inspired to buy your iPod slinging boyfriend for that special occasion? Try the soulful proto-metal sounds of Sir Lord Baltimore. Looking for something a bit weirder? How about Father Yod and his naked cult babes (aka Ya Ho Wha 13)? Anthology Recordings, the self proclaimed ‘source for reissues and rarities’ offers these gems and so much more. The site, founded by an NYC A&R man, sells individual songs and albums, iTunes’ style, with album covers, samples, podcasts, and exhaustive liner notes to enhance the virtual shopping experience. There are even free downloads. And if there’s anything I love, it’s stuff that’s free!

The only drawback to this otherwise perfect gem of a site is that some albums are only available to users in North America. It’s obviously due to licensing and rights negotiated with the various labels blah blah blah, but it does add a major annoyance factor.

Check out Cauldron by Fifty Foot Hose for swirly 60s sounds, Kingdom Come by Sir Lord Baltimore for fuzzy proto-metal guitars, and Folk Blues and Beyond by Davy Graham, for some influencial British folk, blues, and well, beyond.

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