Indulgent hair time at James Dun's House

Reasons I’ve stopped going to my stylist at Eden:

  • I’m never in Hyndland
  • My stylist at Eden has the universe’s shortest attention span, and though he’s lovely to talk to and does a great hair cut, I rarely have 5 hours to spend in a salon
  • I have the universe’s second shortest attention span, and I love things that are bright, shiny and new

Reasons I went to James Dun's House:

  • It’s in my neighbourhood
  • I like Aveda products (Eden uses Aveda too, which is why I first went there)
  • I love things that are bright, shiny and new

My advice – go there. My new stylist, Jenna, who by the way looks like Deborah Harry, engaged in a real conversation with me about my hair and what I wanted. She also offered advice, so while I felt that she was listening, I also felt that she was being honest about what she thought and what was possible. No pretending to listen and then sneaking around the back of my head doing what she secretly wanted to do anyway.

After my hair was washed, my stylist gave me a vigorous neck and shoulder massage. This was followed by an expert hair cut and finish, while I also received a hand massage. There was discussion of hair products, which products my stylist would recommend, which ones she used, but there was no hard sell, so I felt I could leave without buying anything. The best part was my new client gift certificate, which allows me to choose between an intensive hair and scalp damage remedy treatment or a full spectrum semi permanent hair colour. I’ve opted for the hair colour, which I discovered by looking up their website when I got home, is worth £20.

I’ve already made an appointment for my next hair cut in three months, which is unusual for me. Sometimes I go nearly a year between cuts, but I’m starting a new regime. I’m calling it ‘attempting to look like I own a mirror.’

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