Nars written backward spells Sran

Which means absolutely nothing. But did you know that Nars now does skincare? Of course you did. Did you know it’s fabulous? I’m sure you would have guessed as much, as Nars is the renowned cosmetics company that brought us the multiple in orgasm, and body glow shimmer, not to mention about a thousand great lipstick and eye shadow colours.

To date, I have only tried the balancing foam cleanser and the balancing moisture lotion. I was in Virginia for my sister’s wedding recently, and my husband and I took a drive down to Charleston, South Carolina for a bit of sun, southern gentility, and ghosts. King St in Charleston is boutiques a-go-go, so I had had had to go shopping. Among the gems I found there was Stella Nova, a cosmetic boutique much in the same vein as Space NK, though with fewer stark white surfaces. I was looking for a new cleanser, as my beloved Korres white tea gel wash was feeling a bit harsh in the hotter climate. The saleswoman, who was cursed with combination skin like me, recommended the Nars cleanser. I bought the moisturiser too, because the packaging is just too beautiful. The products come in matt white bottles and tubes, made of heavy glass and plastic, with the familiar Nars logo in thin black letters. They look great in my bathroom.

But beauty is skin-deep, so the real value was revealed after I washed my face. My skin was baby soft, and the redness was completely gone. And even though it was hot enough outside to cook grits right on the pavement, the moisturiser did not feel heavy or greasy in the slightest. It might even replace my usual summer favourite, RMK’s skintuner (a genius, splash-on moisturiser).

You can buy Nars products from Frasers or Space NK, or direct from the Nars website: www.narscosmetics.co.uk. The balancing foam cleanser is £24.50 and the balancing moisture lotion is £40.00.

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