Beauty products for our less than beautiful summer

Looking out the window, you would never know it, but we are still in the height of summer. It’s only July, and with more than a month and a half to go before autumn, you may actually have a sunny holiday destination lined up.

If that’s the case, there’s still time to organise your summer beauty, if you aren’t the type of person who does that in January, the minute your summer holiday is booked. I personally don’t like much on my face in hot or humid weather, so I tend to focus more on refreshing skin sprays and different types of moisturiser, but here’s my list of what I love this summer:

Shu Uemura deep sea water in hamamelis
This is a light, refreshing spray that seems to magically disappear into your skin seconds after you spray it. I bought mine at Heathrow airport, but I haven’t yet figured out where someone living in Glasgow might get it. And I’d love to see them in a travel size, as the 150ml bottle isn’t getting through airport security.

RMK refreshing skintuner in light
An alternative to traditional moisturiser from this cult Japanese brand. It’s a liquid moisturiser that you simply splash onto your hands and then splash onto your face. Available at House of Fraser.

Laura Mercia bronzing gel
Like many people living in Scotland, I’m naturally very pale. This bronzing gel makes me look like I’ve gotten a bit of sun. It’s subtle, and you can control the amount of colour, so I can wear it without looking like a clown. It also blends into a bare face really well. Available from Space NK online or in the Prince’s Square shop. Also available at House of Fraser.

Blinc mascara primer
You put this on before putting on your mascara to amplify its effect. I rely on mascara during the summer because it’s one of those items that can make a big difference without making you feel like your face is weighed down with make-up. Buy directly from Blinc, from HQ Hair, or Harvey Nichols online shop.

Clinique colour surge butter shine lipstick in delovely
I love this lipstick – it’s a perfect colour and consistency. It’s light, moisturising, and a great wear-with-anything shade. And the best part is it’s in a gorgeous bamboo shaped silver base. Available from most departments stores and Boots.

Shu Uemura protector TTL defender SPF 25
I put this on after moisturising when my moisturiser doesn’t have an SPF. It feels much lighter than a regular sunscreen, and it gives skin a nice luminous glow. Available from Space NK

Rodial glam balm wipes
Paraben free wipes with chamomile and vitamin E that remove make-up and smell lovely. Great for travelling. Available at Beauty Expert and HQ Hair.

Marc Jacobs splash sorbet in grapefruit
A light, fresh and fruity scent for summer, this eau de toilet comes in a massive bottle, with a removable spray top, so you can either spray or splash it on. When I bought it at House of Fraser, they gave me a purse sized spray with it – I don’t know if that’s a standard thing, or if it was a promotion. Available at House of Fraser or online from Harvey Nichols.

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