See Woo

What is shirataki? What’s underneath the leathery skin of a dragon fruit? Is there any end to the types of bean curd/meat substitutes one can buy? All these questions and more are answered at See Woo, Glasgow’s Oriental megastore.

Located just off Saracen St in Possil, See Woo is a giant warehouse full of Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and um, Polish products that every kitchen needs. There are isles and isles of sauces, noodles, meats, fish, bean curd, and the best part, frozen foods. There’s also a bakery and a fresh seafood counter. You can even get dishes, woks, rice cookers, and giant burlap sacks full of rice. Okay, so maybe the latter isn’t that useful unless you own your very own Chinese restaurant, but there is so much at See Woo, just browsing is an experience in itself.

My husband and I went today (taking the 75 bus from Hope Street, as we don’t have a car), and managed to get away with spending only £50. That’s because we didn’t buy the case of Tiger beer for £24 – next time, maybe. Highlights from today’s trip:

  • Brown rice noodles – this ought to get me an extra gold star in the low GL column
  • Dragon fruit – the soft white flesh can be scooped out and eaten with homemade sorbet (I made some with mango and Cointreau)
  • Shirataki – another low GL purchase, these thin white noodles are made from an Asian yam
  • Glutinous rice balls with peanut or sesame filling – roll these in sesame seeds for a yummy chewy dessert
The only question that didn’t get answered for me was who would eat vegetarian intestine? Speaking as a vegetarian, intestine is not one of those items that I miss from my meat eating days. Perhaps I just never gave it a chance.


  1. hey there,

    i do not think u wanna try intestine.

    but thanx for ur information to get SEEWOO cos i m thinking to go there this weekend.



  2. really glad to find out they sell those wonderful shirataki noodles which i want for my low carb diet



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