Record hunting in Partick

Did you know that vinyl at the Salvation Army on Dumbarton Road costs a mere 50p per record? I was just in there the other day, looking for that holy grail of retro furniture, the steel typists desk, when, on a whim, I decided to check out the records. Among the Val Doonican records and the ‘Hits of (insert year)’, I managed to find some real gems:

Lodger, David Bowie
Released in 1979, this is one of those borderline albums, made at the end of the far better first third of Bowie’s career. I wasn’t as familiar with this one as some of his others, but my rule of thumb with Bowie is, if it was released before 1980, it’s probably good. This one just makes it.

Muddy Waters Rocks, Muddy Waters
Not his foray into rock music (which was actually called Electric Mud), just a random compilation of good songs. I don’t really need to say anything else about this one – it’s Muddy Waters, and he rocks.

Purple Rain, Prince
I have this on CD already, but I find that I never listen to CDs anymore. And at 50p, can I really say I don’t need this enough to justify the price? Certainly not.

Night Flight to Venus, Boney M
Even if this album didn’t have Brown Girl in the Ring on it, I still would have had to buy it for the cover alone. This record is very European, and sounds a bit like Aqua, but in a '70s way.

Arrival, Abba
This is the album with Dancing Queen; Knowing Me, Knowing You; and Money, Money, Money. Again, I have some Abba on CD, but there really is something special about putting a record on, leaning back on the sofa, and reading a book. Maybe it’s the crackle of the needle, or the fact that you have to work a little bit harder for your listening pleasure (you know, getting up, turning the record over, cleaning the dust off the needle, etc).

These just scratch the surface. Had I been more adventurous, there was a whole crate full of hard rock/heavy metal, including Rainbow’s complete back catalogue. As a rule, the record selection at Sally Army does not justify daily visits, but it’s an excellent place to go if you have some time to kill and want to make £2.50 go really far. There are other excellent places in Glasgow for vinyl – the Oxfam record shop on Byres Road, Record Fayre off Argyle Street near the Tron Theatre to name but two. But any charity shop will provide a few entertaining moments of browsing.

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