Back in Black

I got paid on the 30th of September, and I could not spend the money fast enough. Now it is the 10th of October and I am broke.

But, there is a happy ending for me and my cash, because I spent it on much needed clothing for work and play. Now that our “summer” is over, and it’s starting to get wet/rainy/cold, I need stuff!

I started with a vow to go back to basics – last year, due to pressure from friends and colleagues to step out of my comfort zone, I added more colour to my wardrobe. I spent the subsequent months standing in front of my closet in the mornings going, ‘I have nothing to wear.’

This year, I am going back to what I love – black. And I’ve got scores of fashion magazines to back up my choice. Black is always back on the A/W runways, but this year is so black, even Boden is selling it. I’m in heaven.

So, I bought a super soft black cardigan from Boden, with a touch of cashmere, a black velvet skirt from Boden, and some black and white wool trousers from Long Tall Sally.

Next on my list, some leather riding boots from Duo. In black, of course. I’m not totally embracing the nouveau goth moment fashion is experiencing, but I’m giving it a firm handshake.


  1. what is A/W? love, fashion backward

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  3. A/W means Autumn/Winter - the only fashion season I care about.



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