Financial crisis getting you down? Then drink!

Did you know that there are still places in Glasgow City Centre where you can buy a drink for less than £2? I found one, and it’s not associated with a university in any way, it’s just a cheap cheap pub.

I’m talking about the Ingram – it’s on Queen Street, just off George Square. It looks a bit like an old man’s pub, but we were there on a Friday night and there was a pleasing cross-section of Glasgow society. It's like the Uisge Beathe, but without the stagheads and students. It was busy, but not heaving and we managed to get our own table. Don’t expect cocktails or fancy glasses, or even a slice of lime in your vodka and soda, but do expect to buy a large round of drinks for less than a tenner. What more can you ask for in this uncertain economic climate?

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