Christmas gifts for boys who are too cool for school

Continuing on with the gift list theme, I thought I would try my hand at shopping for the indie boy. My husband would rather die than consider himself ‘indie’, and has never been too cool for anything, but these are the types of things I would buy to bestow him with a bit more je ne sais quoi when he’s on stage at whichever shady pub that will allow him to emit strange sounds into a microphone.

Soo Stubborn, $65 (around £45)
I bought my husband a belt with a bull skull buckle from online accessories store, Jackie Heinsohn. He loves it and gets all the attention he craves when he wears it. Now Jackie Heinsohn carries a new and improved version with added bling. The site is based in the US, but you can pay with paypal, and they will send packages to the UK. And, if you buy it on the 10th of December, you’ll get 10% off.

Gift voucher from Anthology Records
I’ve already done a blog entry on this amazing online record store. So many treasures to buy and share, so many fun facts to know. This site is well worth the visit for any boy or girl. Available at www.anthologyrecordings.com.

Tibida Watch from Tokyo Flash, £118
Tokyo Flash sells retro-but-new watches from Japan that tell time in many mysterious ways. The Tibida watch ‘offers three conceptually different ways to tell the time’. Hmmm. I have a hard enough time with dial watches, let alone binary time, but this is just the sort of challenge dorky-but-cool boys love. You can buy directly from Tokyo Flash, or from www.streetfusion.co.uk.

Bose In-Ear Headphones, £80
These are not sound cancelling, like the flight version, because, well, that would be bad. No matter how rockin’ yer tunes are, you really do need the sound experience interrupted by pesky horns, screams, and screeches, so you know when you’ve almost been hit by a car. That said, the sound quality on these is about 20 times better than the crappy headphones that Apple gives you with your iPod. And, unlike the Apple headphones, they won’t die after 6 months. The Bose headphones come with a set of three different rubber attachments, allowing you to choose just the right size for maximum ear comfort. Available at Bose, Ingram Street, Glasgow.


Start your Christmas lists now

This year marks my 10th Christmas season in Glasgow, and it may be my imagination, but I do believe those lights in George Square are getting worse each year. Once the lights go on, I amazed people make it through the centre of town without getting migraines or seizures. What’s wrong with a tasteful arrangement of white lights, like those over Royal Exchange Square and Ashton Lane? Why can’t the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau intervene on our behalf? Surely the red lights beaming out of City Chambers and the kitsch-o-rama multicoloured bells, holly, teddy bears and candy canes undermine the Scotland with style strapline?

However, the gradual appearance of said decorations is telling us to start making our Christmas lists, and who doesn’t like buying and receiving gifts? Well, many people don’t like buying them, but that’s because the cold gives us brain freeze, and we suddenly can’t think. That happens to me whenever I start hitting the stores in late November.

So, I’m going to do you a favour and tell you what to buy. Well, this is really just a list of stuff that I like, so I’m telling you what to buy for all the stylish women in their early 30s who have the exact same taste as me. Maybe I’ll devote future blog entries to buying stuff for people who aren’t exactly like me.

Anyway, now for the stuff:

Gifts under £50

Velvet eye mask £13

Ever since a colleague told me that spiders drink our tears when we sleep, I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect eye mask. It may not be true, it’s probably not true, but there’s something about eye masks, very old-school glamour. This one from Graham and Green comes in many colours and is one of the most reasonably priced ones I’ve found. You can also buy a matching water bottle cover. If you don’t mind spending more than twice as much, Holistic Silk do a beautiful silk version filled with lavender.

Alpaca fair trade slippers £30
Shop with a clear conscience and buy these warm and fluffy slippers from www.biomelifestyle.com. They even give you the option to offset the carbon footprint of your purchase.

Cashmere wrist warmers £42
Not since the high school production of Oliver! I was in have I seen so many people sporting these fingerless gloves. I think it’s because it means you can keep your fingers warm whilst still showing off your new giant cocktail ring. Brora does a lovely long pair in pure cashmere, but if you really want to break the bank, get the super long version by Celine from www.net-a-porter.com

Narciso Rodriguez eau de toilette gift set £42
50ml size perfume with a free scented candle, available at Boots (and they’re giving out an extra 1000 Boots card points if you spend £50 or more, so add a few other items to your basket). No perfume I’ve ever worn has gotten so many compliments, not even Coco Mademoiselle.

Gifts £50 – 100

Long cashmere cardigan £70
Marks & Spencer do the best knitwear in Glasgow, and you can’t beat the price. And every woman loves getting cashmere for Christmas.

Silk quilt £80
This reversible 100% silk quilt is available in 5 gorgeous colour combinations and measures 230x230cm. Available from www.biomelifestyle.com

Toyah Laptop bag £100
Stylish, attractive laptop bags that don’t cost a fortune can be hard to come by. Knomo makes several styles of bags and laptop sleeves in a variety of lovely colours. My favourite is the Toyah, a quilted nylon bag with leather trim. Available from www.knomobags.com or at House of Fraser.

Gifts over £100

Silk/cashmere dressing gown £170
Loungewear is huge right now, with the likes of Gap's Body range, Pyjama Room, and Lounge Lover telling us we should be just as elegant and stylish at home on the sofa watching TV as we are at work. I think people are loving the new emphasis on loungewear because during these uncertain times, it’s comforting to focus on comfort. Anyway, I really want a cashmere robe, and this is the best way to get one without spending £400. Available in six colours and a wide range of sizes from www.dennercashmere.co.uk

Miu Miu patchwork wallet £170
Get a piece of that signature Miu Miu patchwork leather without having to spend over £700.

Marc by Marc Jacobs double flap clutch £185
Black, patent leather, turn lock clasps, Marc Jacobs: what’s not to love? Available from www.net-a-porter.com. Check out Vi Vi Vee at www.yoox.co.uk for a much less expensive patent leather clutch.


Cocktail rings for shopping fiends

Stop! Stop! Stop whatever you are doing right this minute and go to Koodos and get a Monica Vinader super big and chunky cocktail ring for 50% off. I kid you not. Go right now.

I want the labradorite square one, which is a whopping 2.5cm. At Net-a-Porter this exact same ring is £160. At Koodos it’s £55. These are the kinds of deals dreams are made of. Go. Why are you still looking at my blog? Go! Shoo!

Still here? Okay, then go to Duo and get a pair of made to measure, select your own calf width boots for £20 off the regular price. Use code LY20, and do it by 5 November. Don’t say I never look out for you.


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