Christmas birthday blues

I find the prospect of my birthday very stressful. Apart from the getting older thing, which is basically inevitable no matter how much I spend on moisturiser, there’s the stress of allowing my husband to buy a present for me, and there’s the stress he feels when trying to pick out a present for me, which also stresses me out.

When your birthday is four days before Christmas, you only get one chance during the entire year to be spoiled by loved ones, so every year I agonise over a carefully prepared list of possibilities, which I then compile into a PowerPoint slide with costs, places to buy, and recommended turnaround time, and email this to my husband. Is that strange?

After I’ve passed the presentation on to him, I find at least 5 different items that I’m sure I would like more, and should have put on my list, but of course it’s too late because I don’t want to provide too much information otherwise I’ll just confuse him. I call this birthday-list remorse. Still with me?

And then, there’s the fact that, no matter where we go for dinner, we’ll most likely have to eat off a Christmas menu, which will have very limited choices and invariably include turkey, even if it’s an Indian or Chinese restaurant. I really don’t see the point of paying more money for less choice.

This is why I’ve compiled the following list.

5 ways to console yourself if you’re born near Christmas or New Year:

Enjoy faster rail travel to London
The new and improved rail service starts this month – I’m going down to London next week, and it will only take 4.5 hours. Flying can easily take that long if you include getting to the airport, waiting in the queues, waiting in the departure lounge, waiting while your flight is delayed, the actual flight time, waiting for your bags, and getting from Heathrow to central London. And of course, on a train you aren’t limited to 50ml bottles of liquid, which leads me to number 2:

Drink champagne
In The Seven Year Itch, Marilyn Monroe spent her birthday drinking a bottle of champagne in the bath. I heartily endorse this practice, and as a Christmas baby, I get to buy my birthday champagne at a discounted price, as places like Oddbins and Sainsbury’s are offering all sorts of deals on fizz at the moment.

Eat italico paesano with a bottle of Barolo
As we won’t be struggling to have an intimate dinner over turkey pakora, amidst drunken co-workers making memories they’ll hope to forget, my husband and I will probably stop at a Peckham’s and pick up some cheese and wine and other foodie treats to have at home while we watch The Wire.

Get a hot stone massage at James Dun House
The nice people at JDH have supplied members of their mailing list with a 50% voucher that can be used on haircuts and spa treatments. Because I'm nice, I'm sharing it with you! Click here to download. Join the mailing list by visiting their website: www.jdhlifestyle.co.uk/

See a free festive movie in George Square
Freeze your rear end, drink hot chocolate, and watch free movies on the big stage every Wednesday night as part of Winterfest. Unfortunately, the next film is Polar Express, with that uncanny-creepy-too-realistic animation, but White Christmas is scheduled for the 24th and Grease will be playing on 7 January. For more information, visit the Winterfest or the Glasgow Film Festival website. Grease is the word.

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  1. Do you have an electronic copy of the James Dun voucher? I didn't recieve one! Thanks, Jason.


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