Literary Glasgow: the Aye Write! festival

If I wasn’t wrapped up in assignment writing and kitten-sitting, I’d be after highbrow (or middlebrow, anyway) pursuits this week with the Aye Write! festival in full swing.

Tonight, I would go see Piers Dudgeon discuss his research into the fascinating Daphne du Maurier. I finally read Rebecca last year, and have been dying to go to Cornwall ever since. I would also see James Frey, as I have very strong opinions about the whole ‘truth’ in memoir controversy. He's the guy that Oprah Winfrey endorsed and then later ambushed on her show, outing him as a liar. He stretched the truth in his memoir, but in my mind, the genre is about perception and impressions, not absolute truth. As if there was such a thing, anyway. Why do people feel they are ‘owed’ the truth?

But I digress. Okay, back to Aye Write! - Kate Summerscale will be discussing crime writing with Ian Rankin on Thursday, which should prove a very interesting talk. Summerscale wrote The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, which is on my reading to-do list.

And finally, though it’s not part of the Aye Write! festival, I would also go see Dave Gibbons at Borders on Saturday, and have him sign my copy of Watchmen.

Full details of the festival can be found at www.ayewrite.com. Warning: this website is slow, klunky, and a bit difficult to use, but it does offer online booking. Details of the Dave Gibbons signing can be found on the Borders website.


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