One woman’s nude is another woman’s peach

I’ve had some pretty good luck recently with online make-up purchases. It’s always a tricky proposition picking out appropriate colours online, based on dubious photos and iffy descriptions, but there is one remedy.

Zuneta, the online beauty boutique, has a skin profile system that allows you to enter details about your eye, hair and skin colour into the site so that every time you shop, they make personal colour recommendations. They also have the service for skincare, so if you are looking for the right face wash for combination skin, or the right eye cream for sensitive complexions, you’ll find it on the site.

I’ve tested the system out myself, and have had good experiences overall. I bought the Becca Eye Tint in Baroque, described as ‘a rich fleshy beige’, which is now one of my favourite eye shadows. I also bought the Becca Sheer Lip Tint in Laelia – the only time I’ve managed to buy lip colour online that I won’t be returning. The only less than stellar purchase was the Belmacz Gold Leaf Lip Gloss, which was far stickier than I like in a lip-gloss.


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