Bank Holiday Weekends

Nothing heralds the new season like a bank holiday weekend. May must be one of my favourite months because we get May Day and the Queen’s Birthday. Thank you, your majesty, I’ll be sure to bake you a cake.

Now, what to do when you’ve got an extra day? Here are some suggestions for fun activities to make the most of May:

Fashion shows at Che Camille
The new fashion collective in the Argyle Arcade is hosting 2 fashion shows this weekend. Further information can be found on their website. I’m particularly intrigued by the notion of Rabii Denim, a line of made to measure jeans featured at Che Camille.


The Hinterland festival will be taking over Glasgow’s best music venues soon – Thursday in fact, and lasts until Friday. One ticket gets you access to 15 venues, to see over 100 bands, including the Fall, Sons and Daughters, and Isoceles. Plus, there will contemporary art on display as well.


Dr Who exhibit at the Kelvingrove Gallery and Museum
Spend the afternoon with Daleks and dorks by catching this special exhibition. I’ll be there, as there is a special place in my heart for anything nerdy. Props, costumes and monsters will be on display. Book tickets in advance though, there has been very high demand.


Beltane Fire Festival
Celebrate the coming of summer with fire and naked pagans on Calton Hill in Edinburgh. Find out why this popular event attracts thousands every year.


Faith Healing at Destiny Church
Richard Roberts, son of TV evangelist Oral Roberts, will be in Glasgow to dispense miracles and healing like sweeties at Destiny Church in the Southside of Glasgow. Go for a flavour of America’s fastest growing religion, charismatic Christianity. Maybe people will start speaking in tongues.


Taste of Edinburgh Festival
I have gone to this event for 2 years in a row, and loved it both times. It’s a day of eating and drinking and sitting in the sun at Inverleith Park. It’s worth going for the VIP tickets because at some point during the day you’ll want to sit in the quiet, shaded, VIP enclosure and drink some champagne – I promise.



Summer wish list

I can’t seem to discuss summer dressing with friends and colleagues without using quote fingers. As in: I’ve packed away my winter clothes, and got my ‘summer’ things out of storage. But that’s okay with me – having left days of the dangerous heat index behind me (in Virginia you get warnings on the news not to engage in physical exertion outdoors on days when the heat and humidity are high). I like the fact that in Glasgow there are only subtle differences between autumn and winter, winter and spring, spring and summer. I like being able to simply replace cashmere cardigans with cotton ones.

However, there is enough of a difference between the seasons that one must go shopping for new season clothing, so here’s my wish list for summer 2009:

Ignes Handbag
I’ve had my eye on this ethical bag maker for a while, and the new Josephine hobo is just what I’m looking for. They make it in a lovely aqua colour, perfect for summer.

Black linen trousers
I could spend £45 on these at Long Tall Sally, or I could get some from New Look for £15. Or be greedy and buy them both, which means less ironing.

White pintuck blouse
Again, I’m faced with a choice: White Company or Wallis – the white company version is on sale at the moment, so they’re both the same price. Being a lover of bargains, I’ll probably go with the former.

Kenneth Jay Lane apple pendant
I only recently discovered the ASOS outlet – I love this apple pendant, available in pretty pastel colours.

French Sole travel slippers
My favourite maker of ballet slippers has just introduced a line of travel slippers that fold in half, perfect for tucking into a handbag.

Short sleeve cardigan
This cardigan from the Pure Collection is a perfect example of how cashmere just makes everything more lovely.

Pedro Garcia sandals
I’m looking for sandals that will be both attractive and comfortable, as I’ll be wearing them to walk around Glasgow all summer, and when we go on our holiday to Morocco, the dusty streets of Fes. These sandals from Yoox will fit the bill perfectly.


In snack food we trust

Even after 10 plus years of life in Glasgow, there are still the occasional pangs of homesickness for my incredibly dull American suburb. Perhaps it’s an example of ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ I hasten to add that these pangs of homesickness are primarily related to food items. I don’t miss hours on the beltway on my way to work in the morning, or the ten days of annual leave typical of most jobs, or the adverts for prescription drugs on television. I do, however, miss Slurpees and Jolly Ranchers and things that are purple being grape flavoured, rather than black currant.

I have found an answer to these pangs – the Stateside Candy Company. This online store sells everything from Crystal Light to candy corn – all at slightly higher prices than you would pay in the US, but delivered to your door at very reasonable carriage charges.

Highlights include Flipz chocolate covered pretzels (the salty and sweet flavour combination is something that Americans love, but British people will never understand), Snyders honey mustard flavoured pretzel pieces, old fashioned grits (not instant), and a giant tub of Red Vines, the sweeter than sweet fruit flavoured licorice.

If you’re really desperate for some Marshmallow Fluff or some instant pancake batter, and can’t wait for delivery, drop into Lupe Pintos on Great Western Road. It's an aladdin's cave of world foods, mostly focused on North and South America.



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