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Even after 10 plus years of life in Glasgow, there are still the occasional pangs of homesickness for my incredibly dull American suburb. Perhaps it’s an example of ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ I hasten to add that these pangs of homesickness are primarily related to food items. I don’t miss hours on the beltway on my way to work in the morning, or the ten days of annual leave typical of most jobs, or the adverts for prescription drugs on television. I do, however, miss Slurpees and Jolly Ranchers and things that are purple being grape flavoured, rather than black currant.

I have found an answer to these pangs – the Stateside Candy Company. This online store sells everything from Crystal Light to candy corn – all at slightly higher prices than you would pay in the US, but delivered to your door at very reasonable carriage charges.

Highlights include Flipz chocolate covered pretzels (the salty and sweet flavour combination is something that Americans love, but British people will never understand), Snyders honey mustard flavoured pretzel pieces, old fashioned grits (not instant), and a giant tub of Red Vines, the sweeter than sweet fruit flavoured licorice.

If you’re really desperate for some Marshmallow Fluff or some instant pancake batter, and can’t wait for delivery, drop into Lupe Pintos on Great Western Road. It's an aladdin's cave of world foods, mostly focused on North and South America.


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  1. Don't forget www.americangoodies.co.uk for American Food and Drink too!!


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