Beth Ditto for Evans

The Beth Ditto collection for Evans was launched today. So far I’ve only seen it online, I've not been to the store. It seems like a good match – Beth Ditto and Evans – hopefully giving the plus size clothing store a bit more edge, and a bit more appeal for younger shoppers.

Overall, I didn’t see anything I love. I’m having a total sequin moment, so I do like the sequin prom dress (though I doubt I'd wear it) and I might actually buy the black and white spectator pumps, but overall, there isn’t much I would wear. I do think I have to see the items in person to get a better feel for them, and it would be helpful to see them on – there should be photos of women modelling the clothes on the website. Not Beth Ditto though – I want to see if someone who isn’t her can actually pull most of it off.

Generally, I think with this collection the pendulum has swung too far, and the clothes will only appeal to the very very young. So what about women between the ages of 24 and 45? I’m still holding out for a fashion collaboration that really speaks to me. In the meantime, my love affair with ASOS will just have to satisfy me.

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