Shiny muscles and pointy toes

If slowly piruetting perfect human forms are your cup of tea, visit the free 'Scottish Ballet 40 Anniversary Exhibition' at the Tramway, on until 30th September. Girl-e blagged an invite to the press opening, which featured complimentary booze, and a free gawp at the several slender yet muscular people attending.

The center of this room-sized collection of still photographs is Daniel Warren's film 'Mercury', filmed at at the current home of Scottish Ballet in West Princes Street, Glasgow. Footage of Paul Tyers' coaching is interspersed with dance sequences shot at 2000 frames per second and replayed at a syrup-slow pace which captures every nuance of the dancers' movements.

Apparently the technique is from ballistics filming, although it's strongly reminiscent of nature programmes where jungle cats are filmed running at full speed. Did you know that only the forearm moves when a dancer spins 180 degrees in mid-air? Just now, I tried jumping and landing facing the opposite way. Go ahead and try it - you know you want to. Turns out it's not that tricky in practice, but my version didn't feature the grace or beauty of the real thing, nor does it involve doing the Pointy Swan with my hands.

The photographs were selected by artist Colin Lindsay from the Scottish Ballet's archives and show a selection of rehearsals and stage performances. Like the film, all are entirely free of blur and show the performers both holding their poses, in mid air and at gravity-defying angles, including some suitably Aquiline-nosed chap coaxing his partners' legs into exquisite shapes. The exhibition marks the dance company's move to the Tramway for rehearsals, teaching and performances.


Pay day!

When I found out that I was going to be paid today rather than Monday, I immediately went online to work on my wish lists. I had some lovely things lined up for the new season, but then I had to go back and find cheaper versions of everything! So here’s a list of ‘Would love’ and ‘Would be happy with' items...

I would love Marni's flower necklace (top), for a stomach-lurching £660 at Browns...but I would be happy with this necklace from Tallulah Tu (bottom), costing only £22.
I would love this ruffled silk blouse by Chloe (top), available at Net-a-Porter for £745...but I would be happy with this blouse from Jaeger (bottom), in the sales for £79.20.
I would love this military style leather jacket by Tory Burch (top) from Net-a-Porter, but I don't have £820 burning a hole in my pocket...instead, this jacket from New Look (bottom) could fulfill my Sgt Pepper fantasies for only £120.I would love these Acne jeans (top) from My Wardrobe, but they cost £244...however, I would be happy with these jeans from New Look (bottom), which would set me back a mere £25.

For classy, equestrian chic, I could go deeper into debt for this jacket by Smythe (top) at Net-a-Porter, for £555...but I would be happy with this lovely black version by Long Tall Sally (bottom), a debit card-friendly £75.

And finally, on the lookout for some kick-ass wedges? These ones by Surface to Air (top), available from Browns, are £215...but, I would be happy with this lizard version by Timeless from Oli (bottom), and they only cost £38.


Free shipping at HQ Hair!

Order by 13 August (that’s this Thursday, folks) and use code FSAUG. No minimum spend, so get shopping. Here’s a taste of my wish list to get you inspired:

Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask for when I finally get around to giving myself spa treatments at home. As if…

Guam Thalasso OLIO di Mare Shower & Bath Oil because it smells amazing.

Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom Cleaner because I still get the occaisional blemish. At my age – really.

SwissDent Pure Mouth Spray because the celebrities use it. And they really do know more than us, don’t they? Because, you know, they’re famous.

Blinc Kiss Me Mascara because I want lashes so long and strong they’re like a wind machine when I blink.

Nars Hand Wipes because by the time I’m finished applying make-up my hands look like they’ve been involved in some sort of car maintenance.

And of course, Burner Balm, because it's the world's only lip balm that helps you lose weight. Say what?


Fashion challenge: the sequin cardigan

My life would be a lot easier if Blake Lively didn’t look so bloody good in everything. I was watching an episode of Gossip Girl last night, and fell in love with the sequin cardigan she wore to Blair’s stepfathers Passover seder. It was carelessly draped over a feather print tank in that louche way that she has, with her tousled hair and fantastically long skinny legs. Don’t you just hate her?

So I decided then and there that what I need for my trip to London, for our day of open air theatre and lunch at Quaglino’s, is a sequin cardigan of my very own.

First stop: ShopStyle, which trawls the net for you to present clothing from an array of online retailers. This was not helpful, as the results brought up knitwear by the likes of Michael Kors, Burberry Prorsum, Donna Karan, and Day Birger et Mikkelsen. And though I saw a few perfect specimens, I’m on shopping probation, and cannot throw down £150 - £500 for a jumper.

New Look and ASOS have plenty of sequin clothing, but no sequin cardigans. I have a few possibilities lined up at eBay. Oasis, River Island, and Dorothy Perkins are all doing fab sequin jackets, but somehow it feels a touch too Bono circa Zoo TV Tour for me.

Shopwiki had variety in prices ranges, though there was almost too much variety as there were also items like tights and kidswear. The biggest surprise there was that my favourite result was from the Twiggy line at Littlewoods Direct. I am nothing if not a clothing snob, and I don't fancy dressing like a woman in her 60s (former 'it' girl or not) but it had just the right shape and colour, and at £45 was more in my price range. A little more searching, and I found it on the Additions Direct website for £35. Even better! And it sure beats paying £150 for a sold out Kate Moss for Topshop cardigan off eBay.

I haven’t made a firm decision yet – I think I’ll look at vintage as well, and visit Starry Night, Glory Hole and Mr Bens. I will find the sequin cardigan of my dreams before I go to London, this I vow!


Shopping news

More Glasgow fashion news bites for all you urbanistas:

H&M to open new flagship store in Glasgow! Hurrah! The new store will be 4 times the size of the one in the Buchanan Galleries, which will be closing down when the new store opens.

Glasgow fashion week to be held 11th to 14th November at the Lighthouse. All budding fashion designers get your applications at www.gfashionweek.com. Those of you who like to admire on the sidelines as I do, follow Glasgow Fasion Week on Twitter.

TK Maxx, who have now started to sell online (just handbags) will be opening a super huge new store in the city centre. The new store will take over the space left vacant by Tesco on Argyle Street.

Waitrose have taken over the space previously occupied by Safeway and then Morrisons at the top of Byres Road. Finally some competition for the Marks and Spencer Simply Food that opened up on Great George Street a few years ago. But the real question is, does this mean Glasgow residents can start ordering food from Waitrose online?


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