Free shipping at HQ Hair!

Order by 13 August (that’s this Thursday, folks) and use code FSAUG. No minimum spend, so get shopping. Here’s a taste of my wish list to get you inspired:

Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask for when I finally get around to giving myself spa treatments at home. As if…

Guam Thalasso OLIO di Mare Shower & Bath Oil because it smells amazing.

Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom Cleaner because I still get the occaisional blemish. At my age – really.

SwissDent Pure Mouth Spray because the celebrities use it. And they really do know more than us, don’t they? Because, you know, they’re famous.

Blinc Kiss Me Mascara because I want lashes so long and strong they’re like a wind machine when I blink.

Nars Hand Wipes because by the time I’m finished applying make-up my hands look like they’ve been involved in some sort of car maintenance.

And of course, Burner Balm, because it's the world's only lip balm that helps you lose weight. Say what?



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