Pay day!

When I found out that I was going to be paid today rather than Monday, I immediately went online to work on my wish lists. I had some lovely things lined up for the new season, but then I had to go back and find cheaper versions of everything! So here’s a list of ‘Would love’ and ‘Would be happy with' items...

I would love Marni's flower necklace (top), for a stomach-lurching £660 at Browns...but I would be happy with this necklace from Tallulah Tu (bottom), costing only £22.
I would love this ruffled silk blouse by Chloe (top), available at Net-a-Porter for £745...but I would be happy with this blouse from Jaeger (bottom), in the sales for £79.20.
I would love this military style leather jacket by Tory Burch (top) from Net-a-Porter, but I don't have £820 burning a hole in my pocket...instead, this jacket from New Look (bottom) could fulfill my Sgt Pepper fantasies for only £120.I would love these Acne jeans (top) from My Wardrobe, but they cost £244...however, I would be happy with these jeans from New Look (bottom), which would set me back a mere £25.

For classy, equestrian chic, I could go deeper into debt for this jacket by Smythe (top) at Net-a-Porter, for £555...but I would be happy with this lovely black version by Long Tall Sally (bottom), a debit card-friendly £75.

And finally, on the lookout for some kick-ass wedges? These ones by Surface to Air (top), available from Browns, are £215...but, I would be happy with this lizard version by Timeless from Oli (bottom), and they only cost £38.

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