The Coveted cometh

Do you ever get sick of looking through your favourite fashion magazine and wishing that half the stuff they were talking about was actually happening/available in Scotland? UK fashion, style, and lifestyle magazines are all so London-centric, which is fair but not terribly satisfying if you live in the hinterlands.

Often on a Sunday I find myself looking at the style section of the Sunday Herald magazine wishing it was a full scale magazine. Well, someone must have been picking up on all this wishful thinking because a Scottish fashion magazine is about to be launched.

The magazine is called The Coveted and the first issue is out on 1 October. I haven’t gotten any kind of sneak peak, so I don’t know what it will be like, but judging from the blog, these people know what they’re talking about. And somehow it's free!

So when the first issue comes out read, admire, covet.

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