Concentrate real hard, or my necklace dies

I’m sending my husband psychic messages to buy this Butler & Wilson necklace for me from Sparkle Candy. It’s on sale, so it’s only £25! So anyone who reads this, help concentrate the ‘buy me’ energy his way. It’s sort of like in Peter Pan when the audience has to applaud loud enough to bring Tinker Bell back to life. If you wish really hard, maybe I’ll get that necklace.

Let me know what you want, and I’ll do the same for you.

Smell yummy for less

40% off Jo Wood Organics at Puresha. Hurry! The deal ends at midnight tonight.

Also, if you're in the market for some of the exlcusive brands sold at Zuneta, they're offering free upgrade to next day delivery until January, so your orders won't be affected by mail strikes.


Luxury at Blythswood Square

Ever in search of glamorous places for a cocktail or a facial, I’m pretty excited about the opening of the new 5 star hotel in Blytheswood Square. The Townhouse Company are commemorating the location’s previous resident – the Royal Scottish Automobile Club – by maintaining the Salon and Rally Bar. There aren’t any real photos up on the website yet, but the brochure does promise that the hotel will have all the glamour of Monte Carlo Rally, of which the Blytheswood Square location was one of the starting points for the 1955 race. My hope is that this involves sleek mid-century modern/late art deco d├ęcor with lots of chrome and velvet. The website does promise a sympathetic refurbishment, with original marble and wood panelling preserved.

The highlight for me will probably be the spa, as this will feature treatment rooms, thermal suites, and vitality pool. And it’s all just a two-minute walk from Sauchiehall Street, which is absolutely crazy on Saturday afternoons, so having a quiet place to hide after shopping will be a welcome treat.

The hotel is due to open at the end of October. For more information, visit the website: www.townhousecompany.com/blythswoodsquare

When the princess of pink met the king of shoes

‘My year in Paris with Christian Louboutin’ – what images does this phrase conjure up in your mind? Lunches at Lauderee? Chic cocktails with Louboutin’s glamorous, high fashion friends? Well, what if that phrase came out of the mouth of Barbie? Okay, aside from the fact that she’s made from injection moulded plastic, and if she was actually speaking to you, you would think you had taken some psychotropic drugs of some description, or at the very least hadn't gotten enough sleep.

But apparently it’s true. Christian Louboutin is to be Barbie’s mentor. At 50, she seems a bit old to me to be mentored. After all the career’s she’s had (doctor, pilot, veterinarian, teacher, astronaut) you’d think she would have figured out what she wants to do by now.

She has worked in the fashion industry before, and made a big splash, too. According to Mattel, ‘as model or muse, Barbie has relationships with more than 70 of the biggest names in fashion. From Calvin to Cartier, Gucci to Galliano, Versace to Vera, they all have something to say about Barbie.’

I don’t yet know how this relationship with the king of shoe designers will play out. I know that Net-a-Porter are getting in on the act, as you can sign up for Christian Louboutin/Barbie updates, but there’s no real information on this yet.

In the mean time, I’ll give you this photo of woman-sized Barbie shoes to contemplate, designed by Louboutin for Barbie's 50th anniversary runway show. The photo comes from Mattel's website.


What's in Anya's bag?

Looking for a little handbag porn on this fine Saturday morning? Check out this video of Anya Hindmarch explaining how she organises the contents of her gorgeous Carker. It's strangely satisfying to watch.



I suppose that at this point you know that Fitflop has branched out into Ugg-type shearling boots and other abominations. I’m all for comfortable shoes but…




What fashionable people do to kill time

If you’re bored today, sitting at your desk, pretending to work, take the Harvey Nichols Fashionista quiz. If you score 7/10 or higher, you get 10% off your next purchase online. If you get 10/10, you are immortalised by having your name on the bragging board. You won’t see Girl-e listed there, though, I got an embarrassing 8/10. So much for my fashion credentials!


Or, if you're the kind of person who likes to spend quality face-to-face time with your favourite stores, Harvey Nichols and Grazia will be hosting a make-up night with champagnes and facials on Tuesday, 20 October in Edinburgh. The tickets are £10, but are redeemable against any purchase on the night.


Is it wrong to love my iPhone more than my husband?

Obsessed with style? Forget the Prada phone, or any of those other useless pieces of plastic that someone has slapped a designer label onto. The iPhone is really the only phone you should consider owning. I've gone a bit app crazy and loaded my phone with everything fashion related I could find.

For those lucky enough to do most of their shopping at Net-a-Porter, there's Net app, which allows you to browse and buy from the comfort of anywhere - from a train seat to a bar, to standing in the middle of another store that just doesn't have what you need.

If you’re more like me, and you buy alot of your style statements from eBay, you will want the eBay app, with which you can browse, search, watch, bid and buy. Since discovering this app I've gotten some brand new Kurt Geiger Chelsea boots for less than £20, a pair of distressed Diesel jeans for £40, and a lovely butter soft, cropped leather biker jacket, originally from House of Fraser, for £50.

Then there's the Shopstlyle app that works as a mini version of the site - allowing you to browse through clothes, bags and accessories from all over the web, saving your favourites to go back to later. Perfect for finding that just right item for an important event.

My favourite app has to be the one from Style.com, the online home of Vogue. This app allows you to browse every major runway show for the Spring/Summer 2010 collections. Too early to think about gauzy dresses and florals? No problem - they've also got an archive of all the Autumn/Winter 2009 shows to help you get through those mid season sales.

Now if only ASOS would do an app to help me get through their seemingly endless supply of sequins and directional knitwear, bottoms and shoes.


Ballet goes bling

If you follow this blog, chances are that those expensive little things you probably shouldn't spend your money on dance in front of your eyes when you look through the window of a jewellery shop. That's also the theme of 'Rubies', the opening piece of Scottish Ballet's touring show to mark their 40th anniversary. Gasps of delight went up along with the curtain at the sight of the fifteen beaming dancers wearing pantomime-style red outfits trimmed with chunky stones and offset by a deep blue background. It's adapted from a light, less Hammer Horror Stravinsky piece, with steps suggesting Jazz and Broadway shows, although some of the moves give the dancers toy-like gaits. Witty, sexy and slightly wicked.

Better still is 'Workwithinwork', a brilliant sequence based on Berio's eerie duet for two violins. Couples and small groups perform short pieces in quick succession against a dark backdrop featuring a row of pitch-black doorways. Er, is a dance with two dancers a couple? A duet? Anyway, it's based around the choreographer's interest in improvisation and the dancers create some fascinating unsynchronised combinations over a variety of short musical pieces, each in a different scale. There are a few nods towards dramatic gestures with dancers placed notably watching the action instead of participating, but overall it's an expressionist piece of atmosphere.

The celestial clockwork of Bach probably isn't a natural source for ballet music and the third piece is the slightest of the three. It's pleasing enough though, opening with a tender boygirl Aria, followed by some cool peasant flailing to the Gavotte; then some angst over the overplayed Hamlet advert 'Air On A G String' and an uplifting ensemble finale.

People should give Girl-e more free nights out, but bribery aside, 'Rubies' and its accompanying pieces are well worth sticking on the credit card. It’s now over in Glasgow, but will be playing in other Scottish cities like Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness until the end of October.

Full information can be found here: www.scottishballet.co.uk


Style bug

The lovely things that have my antennae twitching at the moment…

Cherry Bud Ring

This gorgeous ring reminds me of springtime in my home town in Northern Virginia. The pearl cherry blossom buds would keep me dreaming of sunshine through the dark months to come. And, as a bonus, Astley Clarke is offering 20% to celebrate the launch of its revamped website. Use NEWASTLEY by midnight on Monday the 12th.

Rodarte and Opening Ceremony tote bag

Rodarte has invaded super chic French boutique Collette, curating a shop of their favourite things. This bag designed by Rodarte and Opening Ceremony is an example of the items available online.

Cosy knitwear from Me&Em

Pyjama Room has rebranded itself as Me&Em, and have expanded their line of flattering loungewear. To celebrate, they’re offering a 15% discount until the end of the month. Use code ME15. I love their 7 way wrap – I’d like to get one in every colour.

Studded clutch

I’m loving anything with studs at the moment. This clutch from Hutchinson & Co particularly caught my eye.

Bengal tiger scarf

Animal prints never seem to go out of style. Make your bid for fashion immortality with this giant cashmere scarf from Liberty. This would look fantastic with my cropped biker jacket.


Autumn's hottest accessory: new perfume

I am a firm believer in seasonal scents. I absolutely love L'eau Par Kenzo, but no matter how much I love a light, breezy scent, I just can't wear it in the autumn and winter. I love breaking out my richer, warmer perfumes, like Delices de Cartier. It's also a relatively inexpensive way to make a big style change.

Many people must feel the same way, as there are about a hundred new perfume launches at the moment. I'm wearing Series 1 Leaves: Lily by Comme des Garcon at the moment, but it's so fresh and juicy, it smells like a garden with freshly cut grass. Perfect in the summer, but in the winter it would be like a eulogy to the sun we won't see again for five months. So, it was with a great deal of excitement I went shopping for a new perfume. I had a long list of contenders - the hotly anticipated new perfume by Issey Miyake, the new Prada Amber, the new Marc Jacobs just to name a few. But low and behold, I don't like any of them! Prada seems determined to only create perfume for women over 40. The Issey Miyake perfume was a disappointment (too similar to the original) and no matter how many times I see that Lola by Marc Jacobs perfume advert (Sheerlux, Net-a-Porter, etc etc etc) it won't make me like the scent any better. Or that ridiculous bottle.

I've still to try out the new range of D&G perfumes, with packaging reminiscent of the Marc Jacobs range of splashes (which I love, especially the grapefruit sorbet, but alas, is only summer appropriate). I might go back to my old stand-by - Her by Narciso Rodriguez, which breaks my rotational rule - I wear it season after season. It's a classic that I'll wear for a long time before I get tired of it.


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