One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art (Oscar Wilde)

There's something interesting going on with jewellery. And fabric. It started off with those bib necklaces, with beads and sequins attached, that you could eventually find at any high street shop. And of course all those gorgeous ribbon embellished necklaces by Lanvin and Marni. Artistts and artisans seem to be pushing this trend further, discovering new ways to merge jewellery and clothing, and the results are fascinating, if at times prohibitively expensive.

I'm thinking specifically of Katherine Wardropper, whose amazing, 3D necklaces resemble something along the lines of Elizabethan ruffs. They're so unique and intricate, it makes me wish I had the £1500 necessary to order one of her bespoke pieces. Available at Strawberry and Cream. For more information, visit www.katherinewardropper.com
This whole topic came up when I visited Roarke's website, after reading about it in the Daily Candy. The combination of fabric and delicate beading bring to mind some sort of sugar crusted confection.
Brazen, the Merchant City jewellery boutique and studio, features textile pieces, including this darkly romantic textile and oxidised silver necklace.
For something more whimsical, check out Modern Fiberlab's Etsy shop. They specialise in necklaces that feature crocheted balls, using sustainably sourced materials. Impossible to imagine, so see the images below.
In Beatrice McClelland's Etsy shop Bee Hive Girl, she sells what she describes as wearable art made from fabric, wood, and any other materials that strike her fancy. The necklace below is made from lotus seeds.
I think this is all part of the current mood, where people are getting high street fatigue, and want something different, a new perspective. It's the same sort of mood that's making people buy vintage, designer, and upcycled items. Not to say I have given up on high street shopping in Glasgow - it's still manageably affordable and consistently delivers on range and quality. And it's often not a case of what you wear but how you wear it, and the creative person can find something unique where-ever he or she goes. But I'll still be saving my pennies for one of those Roarke NYC necklaces.

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