With all the rich browns, reds, oranges and yellows seen on the A/W 2010 runways (DKNY, Derek Lam, Fendi, Prada for example), I'm thinking about digging out my old amber necklaces. I like my amber in big old fashioned chunks, none of this modernist stuff that's got tonnes of silver and just a wee dab of orange.


Derek Lam

For an early source of amber inspiration, take in the exhibit at the Hunterian Art Gallery at the University of Glasgow. The exhibit, 'Treasures from Poland', though small, manages to cover the unique stone's entire history, from its prehistoric creation all the way to the jewellery of the present. There's even some amazing pieces of mosaic amber from the 18th century - namely an altar and an intricate cabinet, inlaid with a spectrum of amber pieces, from creamy yellow to dark, cherry red.

The exhibit is free, and while you're there, it would be worth taking in the rest of this surprisingly extensive gallery that features some pretty important artworks. The exhibit is running until the 17th of April.


  1. Hey, I just noticed a link to my blog over here--->


    I'm originally from Glasgow to I'll definitely be back here and your other blog for tips for things to do when I pop back home every now and again!


  2. Excellent - I love the idea of it either being useful to people who come to Glasgow (or convince people to come who are just considering it).

    I love your blog by the way. I'm a faithful reader. :)

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