April wish list

It's pay day! Yeehaw! Okay, enough small talk. Here's the stuff I want to buy this month:

I'm a big fan of Bebaroque, so imagine my delight when they expanded their range beyond tights and body suits. This scarf is perfect for when this bizarre spate of snow and miserableness eventually ends. I just have to figure out which colourway I want: the navy/cream is classic, but that little hint of mint really says spring to me.I have this magical anti-button force-field, which makes buttons fall off all of my coats, no matter how securely I sew them back on. That's what makes this parka at ASOS perfect for me - snaps!I can't quite get behind the Alexander Wang S/S 10 collection (I know, I know, I'm hopeless) but I do love the whole grey-melange-jersey-sweat-seperates look. This top from ASOS is perfect because it's got some masculine details, but the fit is feminine.How cute is the new Liberty for Target line? I think my favourite items are this robe and this nightie.I think it was the minute the Wolf & Badger online shop was launched I was on there looking at everything. Interrogating the freakin' shop that kept us all waiting for so long. Anyway, there's lots to love, so the wait was worth it. I think I could do a wish list just based on that one shop, but I didn't, so here's a highlight:
I can't afford, but must have these LD Tuttle 'Float' wedges. I need to start buying lottery tickets.
These wooden healed shoes from Aldo are more in my price range, but I don't know who I'm kidding, I almost never wear anything other than trainers or my Ash boots.
I'm looking over this list and I think I'm a bit all over the place, but that's what spring does to me I guess. Or maybe it's the fact that March feels like the world's longest month, and so it's been so long since I've been shopping that I've forgotten how.

Cuppa Joe

I am a coffee addict. Seriously. One day last year I started feeling light headed and my heart was racing, and then I remembered that I had drunk about 7 cups of coffee without really noticing, so I've cut back a bit since then, and when I'm at work I usually brew 1/3 decaf to 2/3 regular, but I still consider myself an addict.

A few weeks ago our coffee maker stopped working, so we were using our coffee press as a back-up. Okay, still getting my coffee, so fine. But then, during a particularly intensive spin cycle, the coffee press was knocked off the kitchen counter where it sat above the washing machine. There was much tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth until I remembered that we have a Bialetti Moka Express. They are fantastic, and pretty stylish looking as well, I highly recommend them. However, they are a bit of a faff (sp?) so I'm looking out for a new coffee press. This time, I'll opt for one of those thermal versions so the coffee stays hot, but also so the next time it's thrown onto the floor by my laundry, it won't break. This Bodum version is lovely, with its curvy, minimalist shape.
My favourite place to buy housewares is John Lewis. It's a bit pricey compared with other department stores, but the Buchanan Galleries location is handy for my flat, and I like the fact that they have profit sharing, so everyone who works there, from the guy who delivers groceries from Waitrose, to the people who contribute to corporate strategy are all partners. And the fact that last year they all earned the equivalent of an extra month's worth of salary from profits, I think the policy must work pretty well.


I like the way he leans

I really don't know why I'm re-watching My So Called Life. It's so good, and Jared Leto is beautiful, but it's giving me all these embarrassing, inconvenient thoughts and feelings. I'm feeling embarrassed for Angela, I'm feeling irritated at her parents, and I'm wondering why nobody loves me, even though I know that a sufficient number of people do. Basically, I'm remembering what it's like to be a teenager. Part of it is the music and fashion, as the show was first broadcast a year after I graduated from high school, but it's mostly how painfully realistic it is. Okay, so all the 'like this' and 'like that' gets annoying. 'Like like like...you're so, like, self centred or something.' I'm sure that's an actual quote. And it's very inconvenient to remember what a dork I was in high school in such a vivid, sense memory sort of way. But the reality is, everyone was a dork in high school. Teenagers are just dorks. Sorry kids. It's true. I just wish I'd known enough then to embrace the dorkishness of me, because now I realise that it really is my best feature.

Now I'm going to go, like, sit in a dark room and, like, listen to Nevermind or something.

Oh, and just so I stay with the theme of this blog - you know, style, shopping, Scotland, etc, this is what I wore, in 1993, on the day I arrived at the small liberal arts college where I got my undergraduate degree:

  • flannel pajama bottoms (tartan - see, that's how I'm working in the Scottish angle)
  • t-shirt from the high school production of The Wizard of Oz that I was in (purple with a little green jewel in the middle of the 'O')
  • green converse trainers


Glasgow and Selfridges: the end of the 'will they won't they' story arc

I guess it's now official - no Selfridges for Glasgow. My husband was asking me what the nearest equivalent in Glasgow would be and I said, "Nothing!" It's the food hall, the food hall. Well, that's only a tiny part of it. The vast array of concessions and designers, the Wonder Room, the interesting and obscure Comme des Garcons perfumes, the window displays.

We are meant to console ourselves with the fact that Selfridges now has an online shop, but these are never as good as the real thing. As we've seen from online versions of Harvey Nichols, Harrods, and Liberty, the online stores never sell the full selection you can find in store. And there's something about the experience of going into these posh department stores that can't be replicated with online shopping. It's fun just to browse in person, even if you don't have the money. They're like museums of beauty. Who ever found visiting a museum's website a satisfying alternative to the real thing?

Saying that, I'll still be visiting the website come payday. Just to look, of course.

To commemorate the passing of Selfridges Glasgow before it was even born, I post these photos of the London store's Christmas windows - they had sort of a panto in a bordello theme. I suppose, since it's such a gorgeous day in Glasgow today these photos also commemorate winter. RIP.


It's that time again

Some sales for any of you who have some money left, despite the fact that March is a tediously long month in payday terms. Some of these last into April though. Mid-season madness. Hurrah!

Willow Cashmere

25% off all stock until 30th April. I have one of their lovely stoles - very thick and luxurous.

Holistic Silk

50% off their wash bags, make up bags and 'boudoir' hangers. Very pretty.

La Redoute

Up to 25% off - enter code 2556 at checkout.

The Outnet

The always fabulous Outnet is offering an extra 50% off bold print dresses throughout the weekend. But be quick, things sell out quickly during their pop-up sales.

HQ Hair

The bunnies at HQ Hair are offering 15% off this weekend with the code BUNNY15 at checkout. Beware though, the checkout process on this website is VERY annoying, and tends to glitch.

White Company

30% off during their mid-season sale.

My Wardrobe

The fashion fabulous folk at My Wardrobe are offering an additional 20% off their sale department until Sunday midnight. Use code SALE20.

Nostalgia dressing

I'm feeling nostalgic.

It may have been the reference to Gunne Sax that I came across when I was reading reviews of the Autumn/Winter runway shows. In the early 80s, my mom would make us dresses for Easter based on Gunne Sax designs (yes, she used to make us clothes) and I used to think they were the height of glamour and coolness.

The other thing I loved in the 80s were my Bass Wayfarer penny loafers. My sister had the Official Preppy Handbook, which instructed us to put pennies from the years we were born into the slit on the loafers.

So all this nostalgia convinced me that I need a pair of penny loafers, and that only the original Bass ones would do. Urban Outfitters had them for awhile, but they're all sold out now. I blame Alexa Chung for this. I had a search and found them on Amazon. I used to have the burgundy ones when I was a kid, but now I think I'll opt for the black. They have them in my size, so come payday, they will be mine. However, I'll pass on trying to re-live my Gunne Sax moment.


Project Runway

I've gotten my husband hooked on project runway. I think he likes it for the insults. Such gems as 'that looks...

...like polluted water'
...like a dirty vacuum bag'

We have come up with a helpful list of additional insults in case Michael and Nina start running out of unpleasant items to compare the pieces to. 'That looks...

...like the green film of moss that grows on old decking'
...a slaughter house'
...a toilet seat covered in fibre glass'
...like it was sewn by Ed Gein'
...like a plate of dead silverfish'
...like it would embarrass a pimp'
...like my dog's poo after he's been given worming tablets'
...like R2D2's explosive diarrhea'
...like pre-chewed gristle'

I like the show for the clothes. Some of the clothes. Okay, and the insults. And Anthony.

Auf Wiedersehen!


March wish list

If, like me, you've been paying attention to what's happening at the A/W 2010 shows, you might find it confusing thinking about a spring/summer wardrobe. Particularly over the past couple of weeks, when it's been cold cold cold.

But after walking around the West End at lunchtime on Friday, and seeing carpets of crocuses and snowdrops everywhere, I find it a bit easier to focus my attention on what I will want to wear until September. So I've put my search for the perfect sheepskin on hold, and finally put together my March wish list:

Though it's warmer, it's only been warmer for a couple days, so naturally I still have dry winter skin. My lips are particularly bad, so I want to get some more of DuWop's iced tea lipstick. If you can get past the weirdness of the combination of minty-ness with fruit flavours, you will become addicted. They provide lovely translucent colour and sunscreen while your lips tingle their way back to softness. My favourite strawberry kiwi (not as orange as it looks in the photo).

I love the chainmalle harness that makes up part of Balmain's torn up S/W 10 look, but since I'm neither an heiress nor a celebrity, I'll have to find an alternative. I Heart Norwegian Wood is the current queen of affordable harnesses, or I could splurge and go for one of Fannie Schiavoni's pieces from Browns or Kaibiri.

I Heart Norwegian Wood (above)

Fannie Schiavoni (above)

I found my way to the Sibling website because I follow Style Bubble, and blogger Susie has been looking cute as a button in the label's breton jumper. I'm all for mixing it up gender-wise, women wearing men's clothes and vice versa, so this lace patterned jumper is now on my wish list too.

I'm still looking out for the perfect sequinned garment, and because I can't afford DKNY's garden print jacket, I'm considering this embellished jacket from ASOS.

DKNY Garden Print Jacket (above)

ASOS embellished jacket (above)

And, to offset all these soft spring colours and styles, I want to get these Anna Sheffield stud earrings from Liberty.


Go home

This is going to be a picture heavy post, as I think the images really speak for themselves. Friday night I went to 'Fully Furnished', a furniture show at Home, a new store in Partick. Home is really unique, it sells hand made accessories, clothes, cards, and gifts all made by local artists. The shop is set up like a house, with different areas set up like the different rooms - kitchen, sitting room, bedroom. There are some really great things there - too many to highlight just one or two, so I've just included loads of pictures.

The furniture show is over by 5pm today, but the store will still be there, so get down there to see for yourself.



Calling it quits with the Bunny

It's been a slow process, figuring out that I'm not a Bunny Hug girl. First, it was realising that I've only bought from the site twice, a bracelet that was damaged, so the order was cancelled, and a bracelet that didn't fit, so I returned. Then, it was noticing that I don't want to dress like any of the celebrities that they feature. But the latest, final strike against the online retailer was this unforgivable bit of fashionese I found on their latest e-newsletter:

The edgiest way to update your off-duty street style? Easy, follow every bang-on-trend brit-chic and jump on the cool train(er).

Yikes. Even though I basically live in trainers, I may never buy them again, just to completely disassociate myself from a statement like that one. And don't get me started on the phrase I found on the handbags page:

We heart tote(ally) brill bags

I think the lesson here is that there is a demographic Bunny Hug appeals to, and it doesn't include me. Time to un-register.


Having a wee wander

This is going to be one of those pointless, rambling posts, but I'll break it up with plenty of pictures. It was a beautiful weekend in Glasgow, so I decided to try out a real camera on Saturday, rather than being lazy and relying on my iPhone's camera. My husband (who wishes to be known on this blog as King B from now on) and I wandered all around the town, with nowhere special to go. We just wanted to get out and enjoy the day. Initially I was lured out with the promise of getting a tiger. I was born during a tiger year, so I'm hoping that the fact that 2010 is also year of the tiger will be auspicious for me.

We went down to Hamley's in St Enoch's Centre to check out the cuddly toys - no decent tigers though. Lots and lots of the traditional Hamley's bears. And dogs.

Then we stopped in at Tam Shepherd's Trick Shop, a great old traditional magic and jokes shop, and a Glasgow institution, on Queen Street. The staff there are really nice, and the shop is packed to the rafters with interesting and curious items. I bought a pack of tarot cards, as I've got a bit of a collection going.

Then we went to King's Court, a line of shops situated between Argyle Street and the river. We went to the fantastic vintage store, Mr Ben, so that King B could get a faux fur coat. He's had this weird obsession lately, and as he so rarely gets interested in fashion, I had to humour him.

After Mr Ben, we went next door to Mono for veggie burgers. I wanted to get one of their home-brewed lemonades as well, but there's something wrong with the pipes. I had to settle for wine instead. While we were there, we browsed through Mono's record store, Monorail, and bought a Link Wray album.

By the time we got home, we were exhausted - too tired to do anything but watch old episodes of Saturday Night Live.

Who knew human sacrifice could be so chic?

I finally got around to watching Apocolypto on Sunday - my current rental from Love Film. They had sent to me weeks ago, but it had always seemed like too much of a commitment to watch. I'm glad I finally did though; it was really good, very well paced and totally lacking in the kind of overwrought sentimentality that saturated Braveheart. Mel Gibson has become some sort of evil genius.

What really impressed me though, were the costumes. Especially the jewellery worn by the nasty, big city Mayans.


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