April wish list

It's pay day! Yeehaw! Okay, enough small talk. Here's the stuff I want to buy this month:

I'm a big fan of Bebaroque, so imagine my delight when they expanded their range beyond tights and body suits. This scarf is perfect for when this bizarre spate of snow and miserableness eventually ends. I just have to figure out which colourway I want: the navy/cream is classic, but that little hint of mint really says spring to me.I have this magical anti-button force-field, which makes buttons fall off all of my coats, no matter how securely I sew them back on. That's what makes this parka at ASOS perfect for me - snaps!I can't quite get behind the Alexander Wang S/S 10 collection (I know, I know, I'm hopeless) but I do love the whole grey-melange-jersey-sweat-seperates look. This top from ASOS is perfect because it's got some masculine details, but the fit is feminine.How cute is the new Liberty for Target line? I think my favourite items are this robe and this nightie.I think it was the minute the Wolf & Badger online shop was launched I was on there looking at everything. Interrogating the freakin' shop that kept us all waiting for so long. Anyway, there's lots to love, so the wait was worth it. I think I could do a wish list just based on that one shop, but I didn't, so here's a highlight:
I can't afford, but must have these LD Tuttle 'Float' wedges. I need to start buying lottery tickets.
These wooden healed shoes from Aldo are more in my price range, but I don't know who I'm kidding, I almost never wear anything other than trainers or my Ash boots.
I'm looking over this list and I think I'm a bit all over the place, but that's what spring does to me I guess. Or maybe it's the fact that March feels like the world's longest month, and so it's been so long since I've been shopping that I've forgotten how.

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