Calling it quits with the Bunny

It's been a slow process, figuring out that I'm not a Bunny Hug girl. First, it was realising that I've only bought from the site twice, a bracelet that was damaged, so the order was cancelled, and a bracelet that didn't fit, so I returned. Then, it was noticing that I don't want to dress like any of the celebrities that they feature. But the latest, final strike against the online retailer was this unforgivable bit of fashionese I found on their latest e-newsletter:

The edgiest way to update your off-duty street style? Easy, follow every bang-on-trend brit-chic and jump on the cool train(er).

Yikes. Even though I basically live in trainers, I may never buy them again, just to completely disassociate myself from a statement like that one. And don't get me started on the phrase I found on the handbags page:

We heart tote(ally) brill bags

I think the lesson here is that there is a demographic Bunny Hug appeals to, and it doesn't include me. Time to un-register.

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