Glasgow and Selfridges: the end of the 'will they won't they' story arc

I guess it's now official - no Selfridges for Glasgow. My husband was asking me what the nearest equivalent in Glasgow would be and I said, "Nothing!" It's the food hall, the food hall. Well, that's only a tiny part of it. The vast array of concessions and designers, the Wonder Room, the interesting and obscure Comme des Garcons perfumes, the window displays.

We are meant to console ourselves with the fact that Selfridges now has an online shop, but these are never as good as the real thing. As we've seen from online versions of Harvey Nichols, Harrods, and Liberty, the online stores never sell the full selection you can find in store. And there's something about the experience of going into these posh department stores that can't be replicated with online shopping. It's fun just to browse in person, even if you don't have the money. They're like museums of beauty. Who ever found visiting a museum's website a satisfying alternative to the real thing?

Saying that, I'll still be visiting the website come payday. Just to look, of course.

To commemorate the passing of Selfridges Glasgow before it was even born, I post these photos of the London store's Christmas windows - they had sort of a panto in a bordello theme. I suppose, since it's such a gorgeous day in Glasgow today these photos also commemorate winter. RIP.

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