Having a wee wander

This is going to be one of those pointless, rambling posts, but I'll break it up with plenty of pictures. It was a beautiful weekend in Glasgow, so I decided to try out a real camera on Saturday, rather than being lazy and relying on my iPhone's camera. My husband (who wishes to be known on this blog as King B from now on) and I wandered all around the town, with nowhere special to go. We just wanted to get out and enjoy the day. Initially I was lured out with the promise of getting a tiger. I was born during a tiger year, so I'm hoping that the fact that 2010 is also year of the tiger will be auspicious for me.

We went down to Hamley's in St Enoch's Centre to check out the cuddly toys - no decent tigers though. Lots and lots of the traditional Hamley's bears. And dogs.

Then we stopped in at Tam Shepherd's Trick Shop, a great old traditional magic and jokes shop, and a Glasgow institution, on Queen Street. The staff there are really nice, and the shop is packed to the rafters with interesting and curious items. I bought a pack of tarot cards, as I've got a bit of a collection going.

Then we went to King's Court, a line of shops situated between Argyle Street and the river. We went to the fantastic vintage store, Mr Ben, so that King B could get a faux fur coat. He's had this weird obsession lately, and as he so rarely gets interested in fashion, I had to humour him.

After Mr Ben, we went next door to Mono for veggie burgers. I wanted to get one of their home-brewed lemonades as well, but there's something wrong with the pipes. I had to settle for wine instead. While we were there, we browsed through Mono's record store, Monorail, and bought a Link Wray album.

By the time we got home, we were exhausted - too tired to do anything but watch old episodes of Saturday Night Live.

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