Nostalgia dressing

I'm feeling nostalgic.

It may have been the reference to Gunne Sax that I came across when I was reading reviews of the Autumn/Winter runway shows. In the early 80s, my mom would make us dresses for Easter based on Gunne Sax designs (yes, she used to make us clothes) and I used to think they were the height of glamour and coolness.

The other thing I loved in the 80s were my Bass Wayfarer penny loafers. My sister had the Official Preppy Handbook, which instructed us to put pennies from the years we were born into the slit on the loafers.

So all this nostalgia convinced me that I need a pair of penny loafers, and that only the original Bass ones would do. Urban Outfitters had them for awhile, but they're all sold out now. I blame Alexa Chung for this. I had a search and found them on Amazon. I used to have the burgundy ones when I was a kid, but now I think I'll opt for the black. They have them in my size, so come payday, they will be mine. However, I'll pass on trying to re-live my Gunne Sax moment.

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