Project Runway

I've gotten my husband hooked on project runway. I think he likes it for the insults. Such gems as 'that looks...

...like polluted water'
...like a dirty vacuum bag'

We have come up with a helpful list of additional insults in case Michael and Nina start running out of unpleasant items to compare the pieces to. 'That looks...

...like the green film of moss that grows on old decking'
...a slaughter house'
...a toilet seat covered in fibre glass'
...like it was sewn by Ed Gein'
...like a plate of dead silverfish'
...like it would embarrass a pimp'
...like my dog's poo after he's been given worming tablets'
...like R2D2's explosive diarrhea'
...like pre-chewed gristle'

I like the show for the clothes. Some of the clothes. Okay, and the insults. And Anthony.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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