I spend way too much time aimlessly surfing the web, but this bad habit does have it's uses at times. Particularly when I make discoveries like Ankora, a jewellery line by designer Anilu Rios, (which apparently will be expanded to include handbags and shoes). The jewellery strikes me as a simplified, updated version of something you would have seen on Dynasty. Which is a good thing. A very good thing. The signature circle link bracelet would make me feel oh so sophisticated, as would the textured hoops and chunky rings. They live up to the designer's choice of adjectives: simple, versatile and timeless.

So here are the pics I borrowed from www.ankorajewelry.com:She's also got some new pieces that haven't gone up on the site yet, but you can see from the images below, she's going in a slightly more tribal direction. In fact, I think I like these even more:

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  1. Oh what fantastic jewels! I really love these earrings! Amazing! Xoxo


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