Grace Kelly

The Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibit, which opens tomorrow at the V&A, is inspiring much of talk about her online, on blogs and in newspapers. It got me thinking of my favourite GK looks. Her Mogambo costumes were said to have inspired Yves Saint Laurent's safari look. And there's the floaty dresses she wears for her perpetual garden party life in High Society. Personally, I love the way she dresses as Lisa Fremont in Rear Window. Partly because that is one of my all time favourite films, and partly because she just looks darn fabulous in the film.

I get distracted by details like the shiny black overnight case she uses to sneak her voluminous, chiffon nightie and satin slippers into James Stewart's flat, or the gorgeous pearl bracelet featuring many gold charms hanging from it:And the penny loafers and turned up jeans she wears at the end, when she's pretending she's been de-glamorised. As if:And then there's the fact that they're not afraid to talk about the price of a designer dress ("a steal at $1100" says Lisa):What's your favourite Grace Kelly look?

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