Sad feet

I am having shoe problems.

I've finally come to terms with the fact that, as a person who does a great deal of walking and has no arches to speak of, I need to let go of the dream of floating around in killer heels. This has been reinforced all week with blisters forming inside existing blisters. I know, it's an unpleasant image, and it's probably more information than you need, but there it is. I must mourn my previous life with fashionable footwear.

Or must I? Brogues are still everywhere, as are Chucks and flat gladiator sandals, and low wedges, and loafers, and I've just come across this entry on the 'return of clumpy shoes' in The Thoughtful Dresser. Perhaps I don't have to view this as consignment to unpleasantly orthopaedic looking hideousness. So I've been scanning the internet for some possibilities, and here's what I've come up with:


For that extra feelgood factor with my comfortable shoes, I could get a pair of Toms - every purchase means a donation to charity. Isn't that nice? They're super comfortable and perfect for summer. They're available at Shuh.French Sole

They're a bit pricey, but totally worth it. They feature the most comprehensive sizing chart I've ever seen online, and I rarely end up with ill fitting shoes. French Sole offers a bewildering array of colours and leathers as well, so you'll find something that works with just about every outfit.
Motorcycle boots

Everybody is doing a motorcycle boot. I will continue to fanatically love my Ash motorcycle books until they fall off my feet in tatters.


I am getting annoyed with the jelly shoe's seeming infinite staying power. However, despite myself, I do quite like these jelly sandals by Givenchy, despite the fact that they have something of a 'special shoes' quality about them.I'm also loving these rocking horse wedges from Vivenne Westwood, which I have somehow convinced myself would be super comfortable.

F Troupe has some particularly cool ones - like this collaboration with Browns:Or these mesh ones at ASOS:Sandalwood

I always forget about one of Glasgow's best shoe stores, Sandalwood, simply because it's in the West End. A trip down there last week reminded me that, at the end of the day, the only way to ensure shoes will suit me is to try them on in person. As much as I love online shopping, there is no substitute for sitting in a store, selection of styles fanned out around me, trying them all and comparing the way they feel. I walked away with a pair of shoes that cost more than I would have spent online, but with the time and effort I spent on picking them out, I know that I'll get my money's worth, and my blisters will heal.


May wish list

The weather is so very changeable in Glasgow, it's hard to really wrap my head around the fact that it's spring. There have been gorgeous. sunny days, but there have also been days where the blue skies are marred by a giant patch of black. Very ominous. Because of the indecisive weather, I still want to do things like buy a jacket in May. Crazy? I don't' know. But necessary definitely. Which is why I get annoyed when i wander all around high street shops and can't find much in the way of outerwear. In particular, I'm looking for a leather jacket. I want a biker jacket, or perhaps one of those long suede coats that flow a bit. I'm not sure, but I do know I'm not seeing them around much.

So, that would be number one on my May wish list, but since I haven't found the one I want, there's no picture for that. On to number two.

I love the whimsy of these winged shoes by Minna Parikka. I don't wear heels very often, but I would be willing to make an exception for these.Aberdeen based Helen Ruth makes fantasically baroque scarves with unusual colour palettes. I'm completely in love with the garden scarf, available at Wolf and Badger.

And, just to carry on with the theme seems to be emerging in this month's wish list (that is, champagne tastes), I've got to add this moorage daydream bracelet by Assad Mounser at Kabiri. The mixture of metals and chains and studs could so easily be too much, but Assad Mounser makes it work.A good messenger bag is a total necessity in the summer, so I can be hands free while I wander around the West End and Merchant city festivals. This Jerome Dreyfuss one at Liberty is exactly what I want - too bad it's out of my price range!
This draped jersey dress by Vivenne Westwood Anglomania at Net-a-Porter is so sophisticated, and looks like it would be very flattering.
But, no matter how sunny or pretty it might get outside, I still like to lounge around my flat, and this cardigan from Pure would be perfect for that. It just looks like the softest, cosiest thing one could put on. I think many other people may have gotten the same idea, because there's a wait of up to 9 weeks to get one.


Celebrate spring with a bunny

I'm lovin' this jewellery by Tina Lilienthal; she of the giant fruit and skull pendants you may have seen at Brazen Studios in the Merchant City. Her new line is even better, if that's possible. I have a thing for bunnies already, and she's distilled the essence of bunny into some simple but adorable designs. I like that she's mixed the bunnies with skulls as well - she even has a well thought out design inspiration - rather than just 'bunnies are cute.' Something about symbols of fertility and birth combined with the skull, which is obviously a symbol of death. Sort of an eros/thanatos thing. And who doesn't like black/white style dichotomies? But also, bunnies are cute.

Tina's jewellery is available online at EC One and her own website, and in Glasgow at Brazen Studios.


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