September wish list

I usually write my wish list posts early in the month, because I spend the last few weeks of the month plotting and planning for the next payday, so by the time the first of the month appears, I've already got an idea of what I want to buy. This month was different though, as all month long new things appeared that made me rethink and revise. That's just the nature of September - all the new lines come in, and everything is sparkling and new, and a girl with an attention deficit like me doesn't stand a chance. I change my mind on the must have item every day pretty much.

So on this advanced date of 23 September, I've finally put a stop to my indecision and gotten all the things I'm lusting after on paper. Well, on virtual paper. And because there's so much I've got my eye on, I had to break it down into 2 entries - tomorrow's will be all about jewellery.

Zara has finally launched its online store, though Glasgow's Zara girls have long been satiated by the Buchanan Street outpost. There's plenty of gorgeous stuff on the site, though half of it is already sold out. This cardigan in particular stands out to me, as it combines two things I love: military and knitwear.

Leather insert skinny jeans
If you haven't yet checked out the new ASOS WHITE collection, it's well worth a visit to the website. They've focused on quality materials and minimalist designs for a collection that looks more expensive than it is. These jeans seem very Rick Owens reminiscent.

Asymmetric wool-jersey top
And speaking of Rick Owens, I'm in love with this wool top from his Lilies diffusion line. It manages to be cool and elegant at the same time.

These wedge boots by Ash are amazing and I love them enough to give me foot pain amnesia. It must be what it's like to have a child, when the hormones kick in and make you forget that it's actually incredibly painful giving birth and you start wanting another child.

Brown opal print silk scarf
It's easy to see why Richard Weston was discovered at this year's Best of British design open call at Liberty. His stunning silk scarves manage to capture the complex beauty of natural stones in 2 dimensional prints. It's hard to pick a favourite, but I would say this brown opal pattern stands out just a bit more from the rest.
Cut grass scented bubbles

If you're already missing summer, this fragrance treat from Maison Francis Kurkdjian at Space NK is like summer in a bottle. And if you happen to have a cat, this will provide hours of fun watching said cat go mad trying to bite the bubbles.

Exploding Toad

Because I've left this list so late, I'm already thinking about Halloween, which has to be my all time favourite holiday. Fortnum and Mason has a whole range of witty Halloween treats, including this chocolate toad, filled with popping candy.

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