Ode to a shoe

Imagine how many pairs of shoes you could buy for £10,000.

Okay, now that I've got your attention - Dune are celebrating the launch of their A/W 2010 collection by holding a competition to find 'the most original and visually exciting art work that best represents the shoe as art.'

If you've seen the company's website and window displays lately, you'll see that they've got a contemporary art vibe running through their look at the moment - from Warhol inspired prints to Jackson Pollock paint splotches. Basically, we're talking high-brow shoe fetishes.

That's where you come in. Dune want to encourage all creative shoe lovers to channel that passion into a work of art, be it a painting, photo, sculpture - any form. The winning works will be displayed in the window of the flagship Dune store in Covent Garden in December, and then in regional flagship stores around the UK and Ireland.

But that's not even the prize - first prize is £10,000, and there are 3 additional regional prizes of £1000. Not too shabby.

Entries can be submitted online, in store, or by post to:

Shoe is Art Competition
Dune Head Office
9 Hatton Street
London NW8 8PL

The competition closes on 8 November, and the winners will be announced 16 November. So get moving!

Looking for inspiration?

Andy Warhol's Diamond Dust

Manolo Blahnik's classic shoe illustrations

Elisabeth Fitzhugh's assemblage art

and of course, van Gogh's shoe paintings.

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