It's a good time to be short sighted. Glasses are so very in, don't you know? Having worn glasses since I was about 12, the minute I get a whiff of a spec trend, I grab hold for dear life. This season it's the adorable 70s nerd look, with big lenses and skinny...legs? Temples? Arms? Whatever the bits that holds the whole apparatus on the head are called.I'd love to update my glasses look, but I'm a bit strapped for cash, so I chummed my friend Rhona around town to give her the benefit of my opinion as she tried different pairs at House of Fraser, Niche Optical Tailor, and Spec Savers. Everyone is entitled to my opinion, right?

House of Fraser has a large selection of designer frames, and is a good option if you don't want to spend a fortune but you don't want the frustration of going to Boots (I've had some bad experiences in Boots Opticians). Spec Savers is very reasonable, but I didn't see a single pair that stood out to me, and probably wouldn't go back. My favourite pairs were at Niche, and the customer service there is phenomenal, but you will end up spending about £100 or £200 more than at House of Fraser.

We discovered that not everyone suits that big lenses skinny legs look. Rhona has a narrow face, and felt that style wasn't for her. I tried on a few, but I have the opposite problem - my face is too wide. Oh well. There were still plenty of chic options, especially at Niche in the Merchant City. They stock brands you won't see anywhere else, including one that is hand made with care by a French woman and her family.

Rhona was very patient and kindly let me photograph her with different styles on. It actually might prove helpful for her later because she can go back and look at the pics and remind herself of which pairs she likes. This is another way in which Niche sets itself apart though, because they'll actually start a file for you and take a note of which styles you like so you can shop around and come back later.

So, now the pics:
House of Fraser

Niche Optical Tailor

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