Elinor Voytal

Jewellery designer Elinor Voytal finally has an online shop. Well, she's more like a textile and jewellery designer magician. That may be a more apt title. She makes lovely creations out of woven and folded and digitally printed fabric. The pieces are truly unique.


On your marks!

The after Christmas sales start earlier and earlier every year, and now they actually start before Christmas. The first one on my radar is shoes - Bertie and Pied a Terre, that is. The sale starts 16 December and there will be substantial discounts. Just a few examples:

Pied a Terre
Oliver: was £225 - £90 during the sale
Angellis: was £120 - £48 during the sale
Madison: was £135 - £67.50 during the sale
Kooky: was £85 - £42.50 during the sale


All I want for my birthday...

...is a pair of cashmere track pants. I told my husband this and he laughed at me. Then he asked me if I was a Russian gangster who was celebrating a particularly good year.

So it's doubtful that this is what I'll be receiving from him.

In Seinfeld, George Costanza says "I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable." I feel this way about cashmere, specifically in the shape of a cashmere track suit. George was never afraid of sporting a track suit. I'm getting my sartorial inspiration from George Costanza. Somebody help me please.

Not that I won't find what I'm looking for with a designer label attached. The sheer volume of designer track pants available through the likes of Net-a-Porter and My-Wardrobe is a bit mind boggling. Just a few examples:


Bebaroqe sample sale - update

Due to the mega snow we're having here in Scotland, the Bebaroque sample sale has been cancelled. Well, it's actually just been moved online , so you can visit the sale in your pyjamas.

Here are the deets:

Flash: One day sale
11:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday 4 December


Gifts for boys: Christmas shopping list number two

This one is for the boys. Infinitely more difficult than the girls' Christmas list. Maybe it's because I'm not a boy, or maybe it's because men are just really hard to shop for. Hopefully lists like this make it a bit easier for all of us.

Under £50

Graze snack boxes
If the man in your life is anything like my husband, then he may need a little help finding healthy snacks during his working day. My husband runs out to Greg's when he doesn't have his usual cheese sandwich, and that really isn't the best choice. Graze changes all that by delivering healthy and delicious snacks to your office door. And you are in control of what comes by rating items on the website. If you get something you don't like, 'bin' it, and they'll never deliver it again.

Use code 2PXKL5LL to get your first box for free.Howick felt mule slippers (£24)
Cosy, warm and classic. If you know his shoe size, these slippers would suit just about any man.Simon Carter black and white octagon cuff links (£40)
These cuff links are very elegant. Just make sure he has at least one shirt with French cuffs, or they are pretty much just decoration for the top of his dresser.IDAPT charging station (£40)
This is one of those gifts that also gives to the people who live with the receiver, as using this charging station means no more cords everywhere.Under £100

Timex calculator watch (£75)
Cool and retro-tastic. And it's a calculator. What's not to love?Polaroid instant camera (£80)
Speaking of retro - did you know you can still get instant cameras? I'm assuming that means you can get instant camera film too, but you'll probably want to make sure before you buy this. It's just so cool though.
Nixon nomadic headphones (£80)
Big headphones are back in of course. Maybe we all just got sick of putting bits of rubber inside our ears.Under £200

Comme des Garcons wallet (£165)
This sleek, stylish wallet actually has a coin section, which you don't always find in wallets for men. What I want to know is, if you don't have a coin section, where do you keep your coins?
Aspinal of London black croc iPad case (£195)
Let him dress up his iPad in style.
Bose SoundDock digital music system for iPod and iPhone (£199)
The great thing about Bose is all that big sound that comes out of relatively small bits of equipment.Over £200

Aspinal of London Boston travel bag (£450)
Aspinal travel bags make me think of riding one of those glamorous, art deco trains like in the Chanel No 5 adverts. The only way to travel.H by Harris quilted leather rucksack (£545)
This last suggestion really is a wild card. Wildly expensive, and just kind of...wild. But it's too cool not to include. For the man who has everything.


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