Animal print

If you read fashion magazines for enough years, you start to get a sense of deja vu with trends. There are certain trends that keep coming back, September issue after September issue. 'Dark Romance', 'Ladylike', and 'Suited and Booted' are all terms you read year in and year out. It could be lazy journalism, or it could just be that we all like what we like, and it changes very little. One trend that keeps coming back, that I'm always happy to support, is animal print. Snake, leopard, zebra, it doesn't matter - I'm pretty much down with it. My favourite has to be leopard, but it can so easily look cheap or over done. Some nice options include:

Suede almond toe animal print slippers, Marks & Spencer
Roland printed silk and wool jumper, Equipment at Harvey Nichols
Grey leopard print shirt, Dorothy Perkins
Frances leopard court shoes, Sam Edelman at ASOS
Leopard print jeans, Mango
Cassandra leopard print elaphe pumps, Brian Atwood at ASOS
Popoche calf hair clutch, Jerome Dreyfuss at Matches

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