Bucket list

Have you ever written a bucket list? Last summer some friends at work and I started writing them and I just found mine while cleaning out my documents folder. The ladies I was doing this with wanted me to come up with 50 things. I couldn't. I don't know if it's because I'm older than they (these girls were in their 20s, I was not!) or my own lack of imagination, but I only came up with 35.

Now I'm going to share my list with you. There are some dicy things here to share (well one - the illegal one!). But what is a blog without any genuine sharing?

Okay, here's the list:

  1. Have a baby. Yay! I've done this. Off to a good start - now the rest of them I haven't done, so I'll not celebrate too loudly.
  2. Have a novel published. I've written 2, but have thus far been too cowardly to do anything with them.
  3. Own my own home
  4. Own a Chanel 2.55
  5. Get a cat
  6. Visit South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia)
  7. Do an MFA in creative writing
  8. Start a jewellery line
  9. Get a tattoo
  10. Get a UK passport and get over my fear of being a royal subject
  11. Learn a martial art
  12. Get down to my ideal weight. I was just about there but then I had a baby. Not a good diet plan!
  13. Do a walking tour in Italy
  14. Do a course in interior design
  15. Change my hair colour. Once I start getting grey hairs, I'll have strong motivation for this one
  16. Finish my stupid CIM qualification. Embarrassingly, I failed the Marketing Research exam. I've never failed anything before in my life! Well, it turns out I was taking the course when I was going through a depression, so not great timing.
  17. Live in a city I’ve never lived before. Lots to choose from, as so far I've only lived in (counting suburbs of cities): Dayton, Ohio; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Washington, DC; New York City, New York; Glasgow, Scotland
  18. Do mushrooms again. Okay, this is the dicey, illegal one. And some day my daughter may read this. I'm not a big druggy, but I did mushrooms once many years ago when I was having a very difficult time. My mother was battling a terminal brain tumour and someone gave me mushrooms for my 30th birthday. It was just something I felt I needed to do. It was an interesting experience, and, among other things, it gave me an even better appreciation for the film version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
  19. Be given an engagement ring. When we got married we were too poor to buy one. 
  20. Master tarot cards (not have to look up meanings). I enjoy giving tarot readings but I'm too insecure to just trust myself and get rid of the book.
  21. Have a garden, roof terrace or large balcony
  22. Pet a tiger cub
  23. Illustrate a book I’ve written
  24. Win something
  25. Write a graphic novel
  26. Celebrate our 50 year wedding anniversary
  27. Get a made to measure suit
  28. Start a business with my sisters. I miss you Diana and Caren!
  29. Go yard saling again. My mother used to take us to yard sales on a Saturday morning. She'd get the paper and meticulously plan our route the night before. It was fun and I got some of my best jewellery and vinyl records on those trips.
  30. Share an expensive and exquisite vintage bottle of wine with Bobby. I had some of a 1982 Margaux once - something along those lines.
  31. Get everyone of my friends and family together in one place for a giant party
  32. Have a room of my own. A place I can write, think, or just stare at the walls.
  33. Travel on the Orient Express
  34. Go to Bali
  35. Quit my job and work for myself
Okay - that's my list. What about you? What's on your bucket list?

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