Harper's Bazaar celebrates 'diversity'

Does anyone else think Harper's Bazaar's 'diversity' photo spread a bit lame? The apologist spread is described in the magazine as 'An homage to the diversity of women'. Ok. Referring to women as diverse is a bit like referring to the ocean as big.

What follows is a series of pictures of different famous women of varying ethnicities in designer clothing. Two are 'plus sized' (plus sized model Candice Huffine and actor Gabourey Sidibe). All are models, actors and performers - careers that are primarily focused on being looked at. Okay, so it's a fashion magazine, maybe nobel prize winners and politicians aren't on their speed dial. I guess I can accept that. But what are the odds that Candice Huffine will appear in a photo spread in that magazine in the near future? A spread that she isn't specifically invited to participate in because of her size? I'm guessing slim to none.

I do have a subscription to Harpers Bazaar, and I do admit to loving fashion magazines, but I pretty much accept them as they are, and until there is no longer a separate designation for models larger than a UK 10, a single fashion spread isn't going to impress me.

Though I would be remiss in not mentioning that the same magazine does contain an interview with Margaret Atwood and a short story by Virginia Woolf - slightly more subtle and convincing ways to show what women can achieve.

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