I'm in the mood for a new necklace. A fool hardy proposition for sure when you have a 5 month old baby, but all the same - the heart wants what the heart wants. This is the short list:

This unusual Fleche Necklace by Avinas at Kaibiri

 This Amethyst Cadenza pendant at Astley Clarke, because my daughter was born in February

This knot ball necklace by Tina Lilienthal at EC One because its tres nautical

This black tourmaline necklace by Nallik at Wolf & Badger because I love tourmaline and because the chain reminds me of when I was in high school and I would go to hardware stores for chain that I could make into bracelets and necklaces

This rose gold vermeil and black spinel pendant from Dower & Hall because spinels are really under appreciated. Did you know that many of the world's famous gems are actually spinels? Like the Timur ruby in England's Crown Jewels?

And this crystal quartz arrowhead necklace from Kei at Etsy, because I have a hippy girl and a preppy girl inside of me, battling it out for supremacy. Win one for the hippy

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