Not your granny's filigree

Remember filigree? That painfully outdated jewellery with the swirls and daisy-looking motifs? Back in the late '80s, a neighbour was travelling to Italy and I asked her to get me some earrings. She came back with some filigree danglers, with tiny silver balls hanging off them. I thought they were great. About 10 years later, I really didn't like them anymore. By then, filigree looked really staid to me - like something you would give a little girl after her first communion, or something you would find in your grandmother's jewellery box.

Kokku is changing all that. Andrea and Ansula Usai launched Kokku to preserve and revitalise the Sardinian art of filigree. They work with artists to give them international exposure, and to sell their work through their website: kokku.co.uk.

The jewellery does incorporate those traditional filigree flowers, but they are used in new and innovative ways, giving the collection a fresh, modern feel.

Some of my favourite pieces:

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