Phalanx rings

Those rings you've been seeing everywhere? The ones that the models at the Chanel Haute Couture show were wearing above the knuckle? That's what they are called - phalanx rings (though you may need to use 'mid finger ring' or 'knuckle ring' in a Google search). I can't help it - I do think they look good. I'm a ring girl though. With all this punk and preppy around this year, it is a bit of a surprising look because to me, it suggests Stevie Nicks or maybe Phoebe Buffet. Repossi may be responsible for the current trend, I'm not sure. I won't be buying a Repossi ring, as I don't have £2k burning a hole in my pocket, but here are some nice alternatives:

This one I can't afford, but it sure would be pretty to see a flash of diamonds above your knuckle.

Sophie Bille Brahe diamond ring at Net-a-Porter
Cabinet Oseo Falange ring from Under Our Sky
Phalanx silver bone ring by Rachel Entwistle at Boticca
Silver spikes by Maria Francesca Pepe at My Wardrobe
And rose gold Titan ring by Vita Fede at Revolve Clothing
Naturally, Etsy is lousy with great options, like:

Shiny brass by Robyn Ferrari Design
A double cage corset by Gem Steady
A crystal skyscraper by Glam Rocks Designs

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