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I've recently renewed my obsession with Etsy. One of my favourite features is the 'shop local' function that allows you to find sellers by location. It allows me to see what artists and designers are doing in Glasgow from the comfort of my couch. Here are some of my favourite Glasgow sellers at the moment.

At Different Posters, David Dickson specialises in vintage style posters. He offers a very specific range of images sourced from stamps, French cheese labels, pop art, music, bus destination rolls, and vintage rock posters. I particularly like this Dutch vintage postage stamp (that also comes in purple):

And this poster from Mick Jagger film Performance:

Rachael Dean of Bunny's Beads designs jewellery for all the glamour geeks out there. She celebrates pop culture in all it's forms, from Adventure Time to Bride of Chucky to Alice in Wonderland to Super Mario Brothers. And there's super heroes galore. My favourites have to be these bedazzled comic book necklaces:

Finn and Jake necklaces:

And this sweet little arctic fox:

Peony and Thistle offers vintage china and glassware, handmade journals, hand sewn notebooks, eco-friendly notebooks, upcycled bunting, vintage linens, vintage books, and vintage maps. It's a great shop for house warming gifts.

Check out this notebook, decorated with Dunoon Pier - I think it caught my eye because I took my first Waverley trip recently:

Or this vintage embroidered table cloth:

Photographer Tim Clarke takes photos of vintage razor blade covers. Not as strange as it sounds. The end result is a fabulous line of deco posters that would look brilliant on your wall. He also sells photographs of graffiti and street photography. Here is what he says about himself:

Photography is a response to the moment. It captures 'us' even if we are not in the frame. My interests include architecture, design, art, the natural world, the man made, the overlooked and the everyday thing. I like humour, poetry, music, signs and symbols - the details. Through scale, texture, pattern and contrast I attempt to record and reveal something about the moment of capture.

Here are a couple highlights-

Russian vintage razor blade cover:

Diana the huntress razor blade cover:

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