Blazin squad

Please forgive the title - when I decided to write an entry on blazers, I couldn't resist invoking the gigantic early naughties boy band. And by gigantic I mean of course that it seemed to have a thousand members. But in reality I think it was only about 12. Anyway, blazers, right, okay. Blazers seem to be big right now, which is good, because for years I've been looking for a good one that would flatter, and now there seem to be many many options. I'll probably go with J Crew, because they always have tall versions of most things, but I'll still look around quite a bit first, as is my wont.

Sensible and timeless:
Winter pastel:
Boxy and boyish:
Heritage inspired:
Classic stripes:
Leather details:
Tuxedo style:
And the blow-out option (which is actually the one I most want, but totally can't afford!):
And the bonus extra blow-out option, vintage Chanel:

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