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One of the nice things about having a blog is that sometimes my fashion questions are answered before I even get a chance to ask them.  A thought had been brewing in my mind ever since I wrote the 'Dress like Phyllis' entry - one that…how do I finish that metaphor? Percolated? A thought that developed into a hot strong cup of joe when a lookbook arrived in my inbox.

The thought? Where can I find clothes with big round zip pulls like the ones people used in the 70s? An example can be found on the sweater Phyllis wears in the still I used for my blog entry. The answer? Eleven Paris.

According to the lookbook, the Autumn Winter 2013/14 look is late 80s Iron Curtain. That's right - doesn't sound good, does it? But it is! Maybe it's because track suits, parkas and chunky knits are in right now, but they managed to make Gorbachev era Eastern Block fashion actually look cool. I kid you not.

The items I spied with big round zip pulls are all jackets. One of which is a great cream coloured leather jacket that I'm seriously coveting.
Here are some highlights:

Eleven Paris is available online from the Eleven Paris website, ASOS and Zalando.

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