Playing office

I am a Sagittarius, but I was born on the cusp of Capricorn. That is what I chalk up my almost insane love of office supplies to. When I was a child I loved playing office - not realising that for many people, working in offices can often be boring at best, soul destroying at worst. I think it was the organising that I loved - putting index cards into a Rolodex  (which you can still buy by the way - who knew? I assumed they had gone the way of the cassette tape), making a rubber band ball and filing papers into folders.

Maybe when I go back to work when my maternity leave ends, I can pretend I'm eight years old again, playing office. These things will help:

70s ring calendar, Present & Correct
 Mid century stapler, Etsy
Plymouth touch task lamp, John Lewis
Stuff I'm likely to forget coloured notebook, Bread & Jam at Not on the Highstreet
Brass ballpoint pent, Midori at the Conran Shop
Dog bookends, Graham & Green
Tripod clock by George, Vitra at Heal's
Arctic animal stoneware drawing pins, Anthropologie

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