September wish list

I think Autumn may be my favourite season. The beauty of the leaves changing colour, the invigorating crispness of the air - changing weather somehow seems to translate into change in life too. Or at least, that's how it feels. Maybe it's from childhood, when September meant the beginning of school, and the anticipation of seeing how much classmates changed (usually a lot!) a the potential to reinvent oneself after a summer off. That reinvention never happened, but children are eternally optimistic, so it always seemed like it could happen, it might happen.

Now, September just means a new clothing season, a new television season, and a new produce season. But that's okay - those things can be exciting too. Well, it's maybe a bit harder to get excited about the former when one is living on statutory maternity pay, but I can dream, right? I guess that's one of the reasons for the blog. I can find an outlet for all that wishing! So here are my September wishes:

This top by Michael Michael Kors at Net-a-Porter seems as though it would be universally flattering.
This cashmere blend coat from Pure Collection is lovely and will never go out of style.
At the risk of being really boring and repetitive, I just have to include a Crumpet item - how cute is this jumper? (No - they aren't paying me!)
ASOS is my favourite place for trousers - they always have my size, they are reasonably priced, and they usually have something I love, like these tartan trousers:
There's not much to say about these Isabel Marant earrings other than awesome.
I've been wanting a tall ring to wear, like this Aurelie Bidermann ring from Vestiaire Collective. I get these ideas in my head, I don't know where they come from. The ring idea may be from watching Weeds. I love the jewellery Mary Louise Parker is always wearing, though my fingers are no where near as long and slender as hers, so it may not look right. However, a girl can dream.
I realised everything on my wish list this month was really grown up looking, so I'm adding this iPhone case by Skinny Dip at Topshop. Satisfies my magpie tendencies.
I am incredibly lazy with my hair. I always put it up, wet or dry. If I had this Featherweight 2I hair dryer  by T3 at Cult Beauty though, it might be different. It's supposed to only take 5 minutes to dry your hair! If only I had £200!

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