Dress like...Laura Baxter in Don't Look Now

For October, I've chosen a look from a scary film, in honour of Halloween. Another 70s bit of entertainment too. Can you tell I'm obsessed with the decade? Don't Look Now is incredibly creepy, mostly because of the building tension created by the dream-like imagery and logic of the film. You never quite know what's going on, and the disorientation leaves you vulnerable to whatever the film maker plans to deliver by the end.

With her statement knit and oversized, masculine coat, Laura could have gotten dressed this morning, rather than whatever morning it was in 1973. I love the clash of textures between the coat and the sweater - Julie Christie is so chic, she can't help but pull it off. It was easy to find suitable substitutes for her 70s clothing. The difficulty was narrowing it down to just one example of each item of clothing.

Kibwe tweed coat, By Marlene Birger at My-Wardrobe
Two-tone cable-knit wool sweater, Joseph at Net-a-Porter
Knitted full skirt, Pure Collection
Campy patent leather mary jane pumps, Manolo Blahnik at Saks Fifth Avenue

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