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I am a big fan of scary movies, so my usual plans for Halloween would involve a movie marathon with popcorn or vegan frosted muffins. Isa Chandra Moscowitz has fantastic vegan cupcake and muffin recipes. I prefer frosting muffins because they are less sweet than cupcakes, so they're less cloying with frosting. This year, we'll be at the drive-in at Victoria park on Halloween, but we may still have a movie night on the Friday. These are some of my favourite scary movies:

Eyes Without A Face [1959]  (Les Yeux Sans Visage)
No, not the Billy Idol Song. The story of a plastic surgeon and his quest to cure his daughter's affliction. I don't want to say more than that, you just absolutely have to see this if you haven't already. So eerie and disturbing, and a great lesson to current filmmakers (particularly those responsible for 'torture porn') that you don't need lots of blood and gore to be scary. Plus, it features possibly the scariest mask of all time.

Black Christmas [1974]
Olivia Hussey and Margo Kidder are sorority sisters trying to stay alive at Christmas when a mysterious intruder starts mowing down co-eds. Classic slasher - could also be a Christmas movie!

The Changeling [1980]
George C Scott plays a lonely composer who moves to the West Coast after his wife and daughter are killed, only to find his new house is haunted. A slower burner with good performances.

Rosemary's Baby [1968]
I've already discussed this film in a previous post, but it is one of my all time favourites so I had to list it here too. A chilling look at what happens when a woman loses control over her own body.

Carnival Of Souls [1962]
Another scary film with no gore - relying totally upon atmosphere, and plenty of it. A young woman is pursued by a ghostly stranger after experiencing a terrible car accident. The plot is secondary to the overall feel of the film, with dream-like sequences and anxiety inducing confusion for the young woman.

The Shrine [2011]
This was a surprise hit with my husband and me when we saw it at the Glasgow Film Festival - I think it was in 2012. The film uses a familiar set-up - beautiful, young people travelling in a strange, creepy land where the locals obviously have a secret of some kind. But, the pacing is perfect and the film has plenty of frights, with a surprise ending.

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