October wish list

Okay, it's time to get serious about autumn dressing. We are turning the heat on now, and all I can think about are cosy sweaters. I've never been one to shop strategically - I tend to shop impulsively, which hasn't served me that well. At best, it leads me to buying the same items over and over again, so I have a closet full of things that almost, but don't quite, serve my needs. At worst, I end up with a bunch of things I give to charity or sell on ebay. This month's wish list will be more purposeful. I can basically divide my October wish list into items I need and will actually wear and probably have for some time, and items that are completely unnecessary.

I need:

I really need some new jeans. When I was pregnant, I wore skinny jeans, because that's mostly what you get in the maternity section. What I came to realise was that this style flatters me more than the boyfriend style I tend to favour. Now that I'm not wearing maternity jeans, I don't have any skinnies to wear. I've never bought anything from Tall Girls before, so I'm considering that as the place to get my new denim. They offer a rainbow of colours - I'm considering indigo or winter plum.
I'm not much of a dress person, but this one is more like a tunic and would cover a multitude of sins. And it comes in the print of the season, tartan. And it would get me out of my trouser/t-shirt comfort zone.
I always need tops, and I don't have anything like this. And, it's only £12 in the H&M sale. Tres Isabel Marant, n'est pas?
I need a new coat. I'm toying with the idea of repairing some issues with my favourite pea coat, but it's very old. And this season is all about the coat, so it seems good time to get a new one. I love this one. I don't know what's come over me. Maybe it's all those episodes of Scandal I've been watching. I've never had a white coat before. I am terrified and excited.
And I don't seem to have gloves anymore. Not sure what happened to the ones I wore last year. I love the nude colour of these from Accessorize.
I don't need:

I DON'T need another bag, but this one is so cute and in such a nice colour. And it would be perfect for wearing with baby, as it would keep my hands free.
Another black cardigan. This one is different from all my other black cardigans, but the fact remains, I have a lot of black cardigans. But…I do love this one.
Fabric trainers. Not having to be at work these days means I'm living in trainers. How cute are these Liberty print Vans? The only problem is that they are fabric, and Glasgow winters have two modes - super cold dry and crisp (which rarely happens) and pouring rain (which is almost guaranteed)
A silk chiffon scarf like this one. Though silk can be somewhat warm, scarves in winter should be a bit more practical. And it's a great excuse to buy cashmere.
More rings. With cash being somewhat limited at the moment, jewellery is the last thing I need. Yet, I feel that I do need these rings.

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